Watch Sylvester Stallone and Gabby Reece Talk 'Strong' on the Ellen Show

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On the day of the series premiere of Strong, Sylvester Stallone and Gabby Reece stopped by the Ellen Show to tall about how the show empowers women to put themselves through the ultimate tests.

Sylvester Stallone is know for his timeless films that inspire others to keep pushing and get stronger. He will be the executive producer of a new show, Strong, which builds upon the strength and toughness that women already have built inside of them.

Volleyball player Gabby Reece will be hosting the show where women share their stories of courage and strength.

DeGeneres and Stallone got into talking about Strong and she thought it looked great. She says it isn't just about people losing weight, it's much more than that.

Stallone followed up the sentiment by saying that everyone for years has been talking about getting thinner and thinner but this show is about getting strong. It's really about being what nature intended you to be.

Stallone also sees it as a way for people who have been beaten up by life to rise up and become unbreakable.

He says the trainers all come from different walks of life however, when they meet the women they work with and hear their stories they really develop a bond.

DeGeneres mentioned that Reece would be hosting the show and brought her out to get her rundown of Strong. Reece says the premise isn't that I'm going to lose a bunch of weight. Reece says that the notion of encouraging people to figure out how they can be the best they can.

She also highlights the heart and soul of the trainers who are trying to keep their contestants on track.

You can watch Stallone and Reece talk Strong with Ellen DeGeneres in the video below. Strong is set to premiere on Wednesday, April 13.

Watch Sylvester Stallone and Gabby Reece Talk Strong on the Ellen Show