The Fate of the Furious Could Have A Huge Worldwide Box Office Opening

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While it's expected The Fate of the Furious won't break box office records in North America, the film is doing mega well overseas.

Its worldwide box office opening could be the biggest one in history. Yes, this includes the openings of mega franchises.

According to a report from Variety, The Fate of the Furious, is tracking to have a worldwide box office opening of $534 million.

$430.4 million is from 65 countries from around the world while the North American take will only be $103.8 million. This means people outside of the USA love the franchise more.

To put this into perspective, the $534 million opening is higher than the $529 million and $524.9 million that Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World earned in their worldwide launch weekends respectively.

There's a chance the film can skyrocket to $1 billion very quickly. After all, Furious 7 earned a $1.5 billion total back in 2015.

The huge opening for The Fate of the Furious is all thanks to China. It is breaking records over there.

It has the single biggest day at the Chinese box office earning $65 million. It will also have the biggest opening weekend of all time in China with an astounding $192 million across three days.

Furious 7 earned well over $400 million in China so it's possible the eighth film in the series could reach the same number.

China must love high-octane action plus stars such as The Rock and Vin Diesel. Despite the reviews not being as strong as the previous one, people still love to watch these movies.

A 9th and 10th movie in the franchise are already in production so don't expect to see the franchise ending anytime soon. As long as it keeps making money, they will still produce more and more movies.

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