Margot Robbie Geeks Out Over Metallica On The Tonight Show

Here's something you may have not known about Margot Robbie; she was a huge metal fan. So, when Jimmy Fallon revealed that Metallica was also on The Tonight Show, Robbie lit up and raved about the band.

Fallon and Robbie sat down for their interview as the host said how happy he was to have Vice President Joe Biden, Robbie and Metallica all on the same show. Upon mentioning Metallica, Robbie seemed super excited.

She downplayed the Vice President but really freaked out about Metallica. She said she loved Metallica and went through a real heavy metal phase.

Robbie said she would listen to bands like Silverstein, Bullet For My Valentine, Slipknot and more.

She went on to say that Slipknot to this day might be the best concert she has ever been to based off of the performance alone.

Meanwhile, Robbie said she was on a soap opera at the time and she was more recognized at the Slipknot concert than anywhere in the world.

The actress also chatted about spending the intense week on the SNL set. She said it was overwhelming and almost wanted to back out because it was so intense.

Robbie said it was so weird meeting people that she idolized like The Weeknd or Kate McKinnon.

You can check out Robbie's interview with Jimmy Fallon in the video below and check her out as the host of SNL for the season premiere on Saturday, October 1.

Margot Robbie Geeks Out Over Metallica On The Tonight Show

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