Helen Mirren Chats About Joining The Fast 8 Cast and More On The Ellen Show

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Dame Helen Mirren is not slowing down with her career, in fact, she happens to be a part of the cast of the forthcoming Fast 8 film set for next year.

The legendary actress stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about the film and also played a game of Heads Up!

During her interview, DeGeneres told Mirren how great she and her husband Taylor Hackford are together. Mirren said she did not like Hackford at first when she met him because he was 20 minutes late and she had a meeting.

She does not like being late and it was an audition for Hackford. Hackford's was not good enough however, Mirren said he is still not on time.

Mirren was asked about supposedly falling at the Cannes Film Festival. She explained that she was walking up the stairs and noticed that the president's shoes were untied and she gets very nervous when people's shoes aren't tied.

So she offered to do his shoelaces up forgetting that the paparazzi were there.

The next film that Mirren will star in is the Fast 8 film. Mirren explained she was double-clutching in the photo that was posted with her and Vin Diesel.

Meanwhile, Mirren's most recent film is Collateral Beauty, which also stars Will Smith, Edward Norton and many more.

She spoke very briefly about the film before jumping in to a fun game of Heads Up!, where DeGeneres had to guess the accents the actress was using.

You can watch all of Mirren's fun visit to The Ellen Show in the videos below. Collateral Beauty hits theaters on December 16.

Dame Helen Mirren Talks 'Fast 8' and More On The Ellen Show

Dame Helen Mirren Play's Heads Up! On The Ellen Show