Supergirl Season 4 Episode 14 Ended On A Huge Cliffhanger

Supergirl season 4 episode 14 called 'Stand and Deliver' was an exciting episode, although the ending might surprise a lot of people. Spoilers will be discussed in this article so read at your own discretion!

This week's episode was basically about Ben Lockwood using his new government role to repeal the 'Alien Amnesty Act'.

Humans like the Children of Liberty support the cause, but aliens from Central City led a peaceful protest to fight back on the repeal.

Jimmy Olsen was there to cover the event since Ben Lockwood was holding a press conference.

Thanks to Manchester Black, a violent brawl ensued between some of the humans and aliens and Jimmy Olsen was there to photograph some of the scenes.

Surprisingly, not every human being is an alien hater because Jimmy Olsen did take some powerful pictures of some humans helping out the aliens. It was very powerful and something that could inspire the people of Central City to unite.

The episode then shockingly ended with Jimmy Olsen being shot by an unknown assassin. I'm not sure if he's dead or not, but his gun wound did not look very pretty!

It will be very sad if they kill off Jimmy Olsen in Supergirl, but we have to find out next week if he can make it out alive.

As to who his assassin is, that's all up in the air at the moment.

People can assume Ben Lockwood as the shooter, although I think that's too obvious. Another name that could be thrown in the hat is Lex Luthor who is set to appear in Supergirl in upcoming episodes.

For now, nobody knows who the shooter is so it will be interesting to see what happens in Supergirl in the weeks to come. Hopefully Jimmy Olsen makes it out alive!

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