Leah Remini Talks Her Scientology Split & More With Howard Stern

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Actress Leah Remini publicly denounced her affiliation with the Church of Scientology and went on to discuss the move in her new memoir, Troublemaker. Today, she stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to further explore the controversy.

Remini has received backlash from popular members of the church such as Kirstie Alley and shocked many when she opened up about Tom Cruise, one of the most popular members of the Church of Scientology, according to her interview 20/20 interview.

Remini opened up to ABC's Dan Harris in a very detailed interview about her separation from the religion in 2013.

"Cracks in her devotion to the church formed in 2006 after Remini attended the wedding of fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise and Katie Homles," according to People.

"Remini says she was punished after questioning what she considered eyebrow-raising behaviors by church officials and the absence of her friend Shelly Miscavige, the wife of church leader David Miscavige, at the festivities."

Remini told Stern and Stern Show listeners that strange things were happening to her friends and people that she works with without going into too much detail.

These strange things such as weird mishaps with their Facebook's began happening after she denounced the religion.

In the 20/20 special, Remini's mother, Vicki Marshall believed that the goal of Scientology is to free mankind and make a sane world. She also was made to believe that her work was more important than her family and that what she was doing would benefit her kids in the long run, according to her statement int he interview.

Scientology was founded by author, L. Ron Hubbard in 1953.

"Leah said many people are speaking out so it's not just one," according to MarksFriggin.

"She said many people have been hurt and many families have been separated. Leah said that Howard has this idea that it's a big, powerful thing and it is. She said that people have the right to tell their story."

Remini and her family joined the religion when she was very young, and Stern said that she had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to the church in order to get her education.

She told Stern that she doesn't regret it because at the time she was doing it for the right reasons, according to the recap.

Things got a little fuzzy when Leah asked if Howard feels bad for not sticking up for her. Stern was a bit confused as to what she was getting at but she explained that there were some other people on the show who talked about her.

She even said that Stern let it happen, however, Stern rebutted with the fact that he was allowing her to tell her story without anyone challenging her. To that, Remini said she wish he did, according to MF.

"Howard asked how he could have defended her when they were in there," Stern was referring to Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen, Remini's former co-hosts on The Talk, according to MF.

"Leah said that he could have said he has met her and thought that she was a genuine person. Howard said he doesn't know her that well."

The interview got a bit stranger when she said she had to excuse Stern because he was a guy and puzzled Stern even more. The two discussed Allie's comments toward Remini for denouncing the religion and Remini says that if they were to meet in person, Alley would not be able to speak to her or else they would be shunned by the church.

Remini maintained that she is on some of the Scientologists' side.

"The Scientology religion provides answers to many questions about life and death," according to Scientology.

"It encompasses an exact, precisely mapped-out path. In developing Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard discovered a technology to free the human spirit and thereby allow Man to really know himself."

The interview was quite enlightening, as the religion has been very controversial over the years. Some have referred to the religion as a cult while many still remain inquisitive about its teachings.

Remini has chosen to expose her experiences and sacrificed a lot of internal conflict to do so.

Another Stern interview in the books, with an extensive overview of Remini's life and the religion of Scientology through her eyes. Remini details more about the religion in her book Troublemaker.

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