'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 10 Recap: Dylan and Ally, The Cops Can't Stop Her?

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Tonight was the tenth episode of season 6 of Catfish on MTV. Tonight's episode is about a guy named Dylan who is suspicious about his girlfriend, Ally.

Dylan met Ally online and started texting her very often. Around the time Dylan met Ally, Dylan's mother died, and Ally was there to comfort him. But she has refused to video chat with him.

Dylan recently got an anonymous message from someone who said that Ally is a catfish. And that's why he decided to contact Nev and Max.

The first thing that Nev and Max do is video chat with Ally. Ally commented on his Facebook, and that's how they started talking.

Soon after they met, Dylan's mom died, and he became distant with everyone. But Ally refused to let him go, and she kept trying to make him feel better.

When Dylan asked Ally about the anonymous message, Ally kept asking him whether he trusts her. But at this point, Dylan says he needs to know the truth.

Nev and Max go to a bar to meet Dylan. We learn that Dylan's dad died when he was in 11th grade, and soon after his mom died.

Dylan says that he loves Ally, and Ally loves him. He intends to become a cardiologist.

The Catfish team starts researching. They look at her Facebook.

They notice that she has a Texas necklace, which is confusing, since she says she's in Oklahoma. The team then starts doing an image search for her picture and they come up with nothing.

Since the image search didn't work, Nev and Max contact all of her Facebook friends and wait for a response.

They quickly get a call from a guy named Jay, who tells them that Ally catfished him. He says she pretended to be a girl named Ireland.

Nev and Max then look up Ally's supposed number. Google appears to think the number is spoofed, which raises more red flags.

After doing their research, the Catfish team returns to talk to Dylan and tell them what they learned. They decide that the next step is to call Ally. She doesn't answer, so they decide to fly out to find her.

But while at the airport, they receive a text from a guy named Mason, who tells them that Ally is actually someone named Mary, and he was actually catfished by her as well.

The Catfish team decides to go and meet Mason at his house. Mason also has a friend named Clay at his house.

Mason met "Ally" on Tinder, and she kept flaking out on him. Ally/Mary introduced Clay to her friend, Samantha -- who is also Ally/Mary.

Mason and Clay managed to find the real Mary (as well as the person whose pics Mary stole). They tried to confront Mary, but she refused to respond.

They explain that Mary has a cousin named Chelsee, who was apparently the one who anonymously texted Dylan. Chelsee says she will set up a meeting with Mary.

They go to the house, and out comes Chelsee.

Chelsee says Mary is in the house, and Max goes inside and finds Mary -- who definitely doesn't look like hte pictures. She's much bigger, and has a giant mole on her neck.

Mary goes outside with Max, and she apologizes to Dylan. She says that she has been a catfish for a very long time because she was an outcast. She also says she's never going to stop catfishing people.

Mary says she has catfished hundreds of guys, and she's even been investigated by the police. But that didn't stop her. She explains that she was bullied very badly, and she was told that she should kill herself many times.

Dylan says he wants to be Mary's friend and help her through things -- as long as she stops catfishing. (How cool is that?) He tells her he's always there if she needs him.

Two months later, Dylan tells Nev and Max that he talks to Mary a lot, and they're still friends.

He's also going to college and has a girlfriend. Mary also seems to be doing pretty well, and she's starting cooking school.

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