'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Raiders of the Lost Art,' Season 2 Episode 9

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The CW's "Legends of Tomorrow" returns and brings back an old team member. The team is being lured into a trap with Rip at the center in "Raiders of the Lost Art," the second season's ninth episode.

The Legends notice a large aberration in 1967. Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn are after the Spear of Destiny by trying to capture Rip Hunter.

When the team arrives they find out that due to the time drift Rip is just a graduate film student.

As the team tries to help him rediscover his past they find out that Rip is in possession of the spear.

When Stein goes into the kitchen for another cup of coffee, he overhears Mick talking to Snart. He wants Stein to help making it stop.

Nate and Ray are researching the medallion that Sara traded for Stein's life. It ended up being a device that would lead someone to the Spear of Destiny. It rewrites reality.

The team follow a sign labeled Legends. Rip is there working on his thesis film which is a story about Captain Rip Hunter.

Merlyn and Darhk bust in and start attacking. Good thing the Legends show up just in time. The police arrive and everyone, except Rip, is able to run off.

The team is trying to puzzle out how Rip got to 1967 and why he doesn't remember them. Stein is trying to help Mick figure out why he's been seeing Snart. Sara breaks it up before they really get anywhere.

She needs them to go get Rip out of jail by pretending he's an asylum patient. Darhk and Merlyn arrive just as they're trying to get out.

Sara orders Ray to fly the waverider to the roof of the hospital. Just in time to convince Rip that he's not crazy and whisk them away from the enemies.

On the ship, Gideon comes to the conclusion that Rip gave himself a new identity. Gideon also reports that before he shut her down that Rip took a piece of wood out of his quarters. Ray and Nate look into it more closely but find that all their knowledge of science and history is gone.

Ray's buddy at his film set was George Lucas, who inspired both of their careers. He was scared by the attack and wants to quit film school. Ray, Nate, and Amaya go to advise him to stay in school.

Stein did a scan of Mick's brain and found an antenna had been installed in his brain by the time masters. Snart's presence isn't a figment of Mick's imagination. Its an echo of his old partner who's hanging out in all space and time. Jax discover's Rip's screenplay.

He's written about the Legends and the Spear of Destiny. Rather, the fragment of the Spear that he gave to Lucas. Merlyn and Darhk show up just as Lucas returns to his dorm. They know about the spear as well.

They bring them to the dump so they can look for the shard. To make them move faster Darhk and Merlyn activate the trash compactor. Lucas finds the shard and the rest of the team shows up. In the compactor, Lucas gets a pep talk so he'll decide to make movies.

Magically, Nate and Ray are back in action. Just as the team is gaining the upper hand, the Reverse Flash shows up.

Rip does as well. He distracts them until the waverider is in position. Rip is taken by the speedster but everyone else makes it back fine.

Jax believes that they'll be able to get Rip back. Stein found out that the antenna in Mick's head hadn't been active for months.

It seems that Snart really is from his mind.

Nate, Ray, and Amaya settle in for a movie marathon of Lucas' films. Rip was nabbed because as a guardian of the spear, he knows where all the rest of the pieces are.

"Raiders of the Lost Art" raised the stakes for the "Legends of Tomorrow" crew.

The Legion of Doom mean business and the team will have to get it together if they want to stand a chance. Continue watching Tuesdays at 9pm and re-watch episodes here.

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