WWE Raw And Smackdown Live TV Ratings Were Very Low This Week

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After WrestleMania 34 and the much hyped Greatest Royal Rumble events, WWE suffered a setback this week as we head into May.

Backlash 2018 failed to increase interest in the product meaning the ratings this week for both Raw and Smackdown Live were very low.

As reported by NODQ.com, the average viewership for Raw dipped below under 3 million viewers for the first time since last December. The average number of viewers for Raw were only 2.689 million viewers.

The first hour only drew 2.788 million viewers with the second hour drawing 2.731 million viewers. The third hour dropped even more getting only 2.549 million viewers.

To be fair, Raw was going up against the NBA Playoffs which may have been a reason why the ratings were low this week.

Not to mention the month of May is always a quiet time when it comes to wrestling as nothing much happens.

Things were pretty much the same for Smackdown Live on Tuesday reports Cageside Seats. The average number of viewers for Smackdown Live were only 2,293,000 viewers. This is the lowest number of viewers for the show since last Halloween.

Again, Smackdown Live was also going up against the NBA Playoffs among other stiff competition. That and the results of Backlash 2018 may have caused some viewers to tune away too since it was a bad PPV.

There's not much else WWE can do right now to increase ratings with many of the big stars not available. Brock Lesnar only works part-time while Ronda Rousey is busy working on other projects at the moment.

The ratings for both Raw and Smackdown Live are likely going to still be low until we head into SummerSlam this August. We might see a bump after the NBA Playoffs are over too.

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