Will Smith Crashed 'Collateral Beauty' Co-Star Naomie Harris' House For Dinner

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If you're a good cook and always wanted to meet a famous celebrity, you might want to think about send some messages to Will Smith.

During an interview with The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon, Smith's Collateral Beauty co-star, Naomie Harris shared a story of how Smith invited himself over for dinner.

Fallon said he heard that Harris comes from a family of great cooks, which she did not deny. Her mother is Jamaican and her dad was a chef in the South of France.

The actress explained that during holidays they would have a massive cook-off spread.

Harris is considered to be the worst cook in the family and is not allowed to get anywhere near the food. Harris said she puts health first and taste second.

Meanwhile, Fallon got pretty excited when he heard about the cake that features year-long, rum-soaked fruits. Harris said that Smith heard all about it and he came up to her and invited himself to dinner.

She said her family was acting very casual as if the world's biggest movie star comes home everyday. You can hear more of the hilarious story in the Tonight Show video below. Collateral Beauty opens up in theaters on December 16.

Will Smith Crashed 'Collateral Beauty' Co-Star Naomie Harris' House For Dinner