Supergirl Season 3 Episode 21 Review/Recap: ‘Not Kansas’

The last episode of Supergirl ended on a cliffhanger and promised to conclude with an action packed episode for this week.

Sadly though, the cool stuff literally happened in under two minutes because the majority of this week's episode was kind of slow and boring.

Anyway, in last week's episode Reign broke out of her jail cell and promised to hurt both Mon El and Supergirl in a huge fight. The fight did not disappoint because Reign looks badass handling both Supergirl and Mon El.

Despite the short length of the fight, we did get to see all three characters share blows with one another.

The only thing that annoyed me is the fact that it only lasted for the first two minutes of the entire episode.

Lena Luthor managed to extract material from the rock of Utica and Supergirl injected this into Reign's DNA. Reign exited Samantha's body and it looks like Samantha is back to her old self again.

The fight ended so abruptly though that it caught me off guard.

The beginning was the only interesting thing in this entire episode because the majority of it spends too much time with Kara going back to the city of Argo to live with her mother.

It seemed out of character for Kara just to leave Earth so suddenly to live with Mon El and her mother in Argo.

One would think she would have at least stayed a little while longer on Earth to say her proper goodbyes.

She does not even do much in Argo City other than admit she still loves Mon El. It's kind of pointless given the fact that she has to go back to Earth by the end of the episode anyway...

Before that happens though, the only hero Earth has right now is Jimmy Olsen as the Guardian and the DEO. The side story was short, although it had a good message about gun control.

As some of you might be aware, the United States has a problem with the lack of gun control due to how easy it is for its citizens to buy guns.

This week's episode tries to teach the audience that arming people with more guns is never the solution.

The DEO and Guardian have to deal with a shooter by the name of Arthur Willis who wants to shoot people from his former employer.

It's a classic case of a recently fired employee going crazy and wanting to kill everyone.

Jimmy Olsen tells J'onn J'onzz that violence is never the answer and that they should negotiate with Arthur Willis before confronting him with guns themselves.

J'onn J'onzz luckily is able to convince Arthur Willis not to kill anyone by using the power of his own words rather than bullets.

The interesting thing about the episode is that it tries to portray both sides of the gun control argument. Lena Luthor for example is someone that supports being armed with guns due to self defense purposes.

Well J'onn J'onzz changes his mind and demands the DEO will change its entire weaponry to feature non-lethal weapons only. Some members leave in disgust, but I think he made the right choice in the end.

The episode truly ends with Selena from the city of Argo coming to Earth to try and resurrect Reign again.

This causes a problem since Kara is stuck on Argo and currently has no way of getting back to Earth since Selena took the spaceship already!

Overall, 'Not Kansas' was actually a pointless episode that did not further develop the main storyline other than for us to see a "normal" side to Kara. I liked the anti-gun storyline more than what Kara was doing.

Judging by how this episode ended, it looks like the final two episodes of Season 3 should be more action packed. Reign is sure to come back and she will be more angry than ever!

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