Howard Stern Predicts Hillary Clinton will be the Next President of the U.S.

A little while back Howard Stern made a couple of predictions for the 2016 Presidential Elections and on his SiriusXM radio show, he predicts who he thinks will be the winner if it comes down to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

When a caller told Stern that his prediction of Trump v.s.

Clinton would probably be coming to fruition, Stern joked about having powers and not getting enough credit for sticking with Clinton while everyone thought that Bernie Sanders was making a big play.

The caller then asked Stern who he thought would win the election and the answer might surprise you.

"Howard said he thinks Hillary will win. Howard said Donald is a great guest and a friend of the show," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said what will happen is the republicans are going to be upset that Trump is the nominee.

He said that many of them are going to vote for Hillary. Howard said they can't take the nomination away from Trump because he's winning it fair and square."

Stern told his listeners that he is a long-time supporter of Clinton and that he has donated to her efforts in the past even though she might not acknowledge it.

He also went on to say that Trump should not even want to be president and that Trump won't win because the republican party won't let him win.

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