'Married by Mom and Dad' Season 2: Spoilers and Secrets

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Married by Mom and Dad, the shocking show from TLC in which parents pick the spouse of their child, is now in its second season -- and the first episode will be premiering next week.

In the last season, we saw some shocking endings including the breakup of certain couples and the unexpected marriage of others.

So what's up for the second season of this controversial new show? We've got all of the spoilers for you below:

The new season of Married by Mom and Dad will feature a cast of 4 new young singles: Tahnee, Devin, Marissa and Coco.

Tahnee's not sure why she's 30 and single, but she's looking for someone who is "tall, dark and handsome" (but only with the hair and eyes) because she's tried everything else to meet someone.

Now she's ready to take a leap of faith.

Devin seems to be the only male participant of this season of Married by Mom and Dad. He's surprisingly young too, at an age of 26. Devin tells us that he's had his share of fun, and now that his friends are settling down, he thinks that he should too.

Devin tells us that he was picked up by the Buffalo Bills at one point but got injured.

He also says that he was spoiled by his mother and is definitely a "momma's boy." Devin thinks his mom is going to pick a "good girl." Although he gets labeled a lot as a "player," he claims he's not.

However, he does get turned off by "needy girls." Devin also likes a "big booty."

Confidence is clearly a dominant trait for the next participant, Marissa. Marissa works in marketing and is very opinionated.

She believes that she's "everything a guy wants." Marissa says that she's willing to cook and clean for her hubby but won't do that AND work to bring home a paycheck.

Marissa says that she would be lucky to marry someone like her father.

So what drama will we see for this season of Married by Mom and Dad? Our prediction is that only one of these three participants is actually going to get married and we're betting that in this season, it's going to be Tahnee.

Will we be right? Stay tuned.

To check out a clip from the upcoming season of Married by Mom and Dad, click below:

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