Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Episode 7 Recap: Jenn's Hookup Fallout

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Tonight's episode of Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' continued to focus on the fallout of the big kiss between Peter and Jenn.

Real World Seattle: 'Bad Blood' - The Kiss, The Fallout

At the end of last week's episode, while drunk, Jenn and Peter made out.

This episode opens with Jenn trying to figure out what to do, and deciding to tell her boyfriend about the kiss. She texts him, and he immediately calls back.

Travis, her boyfriend, is very angry and asks her if "your five minutes of fame are worth it," and he hangs up. The relationship appears to be over.

In the next scene, Jenn tells Robbie about what happened between her and Peter. Robbie tries to help her, and he consoles her somewhat.

Then we find Peter and Robbie in the confession room. Robbie says that he and Peter are fine, and there's no bad blood between them. Peter decides he needs to talk to Jenn before she talks to Anna.

Jenn talks to Anna at a bar, and Anna calls Peter immature, but she says she's not jealous.

A bit later, Peter and Jenn talk in the back of the bar. He tells her that he didn't use her to get back at Anna.

Jenn says that she feels like Anna was Peter's first choice, and she was the consolation prize. But Peter insists he liked Jenn first.

Back at the house, Robbie talks with Jordan and Mike, who are in bed together, and they decide to have an original cast members' night out.

Real World Seattle: 'Bad Blood' - Tyara and Theo Hook Up

At the club, Tyara dances with a random guy -- a pro soccer player -- which makes Theo upset.

Back at the house, Theo confronts Tyara, and she feels guilty.

In the confession room, Tyara starts making out with Theo, but the soccer guy calls in the middle, saying he was on his way to the house.

This makes Theo angry, and Tyara leaves to talk with Jordan about the situation.

The next day, Tyara isn't talking with Theo, and he doesn't know what to do.

Meanwhile, Peter talks to the gang about how he likes Jenn, and Jenn comes up and kisses him.

And in another part of the house, Katrina and Anna are fooling around, and Anna makes a comment that angers Peter. He starts going crazy, and threatens them.

Real World Seattle: 'Bad Blood' - Girl Talk, Guy Talk

We next see the girls at the beach, and Anna and Jenn discuss the Peter situation. Jenn is concerned that Peter doesn't really like her, he just wants to make her jealous. Tyara understands that sentiment and can relate.

At the house, Anika tries to get Theo and Tyara into the confession room, while she and Jordan mediate.

Theo talks angrily about how Tyara flirts with other guys but he can't flirt with other women. Tyara gets upset and walks out.

Outside the house, Kassius and Theo discuss the situation, and Kassius says that Tyara needs a father/man figure in her life.

Inside, Jordan and Mike argue over bananas, and 30 minutes later, they're in bed on top of each other.

Ana and Katrina are hanging out at a restaurant, eating and discussing the Peter/Jenn sutation. Separately, we see Peter ask Jenn out for dinner, and they go out on their first date.

After dinner, they go into a photo booth and make out. Back at the house, they get into bed together.

In another room, Mike, Jordan and Anika are talking about Peter and Jenn.

Mike says that Peter's behavior is purely to get back at Anna and that Peter is going to be really angry if he sees Anna with another guy.

The next day, the cast goes to the gym. Tyara talks to Kassius about the Theo situation. Tyara decides to move out of Theo's room. A shouting match erupts between Tyara and Theo.

The episode ends with Theo saying to the camera, "That's my boo...I'm gonna love her forever..."

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