Crazy Rich Asians On Top Of Box Office For A Third Week

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Crazy Rich Asians has become one of 2018's biggest surprises because the movie has now been on top of the Box Office for three weekends in a row.

From a domestic standpoint, the movie has even outgrossed many bigger blockbuster movies.

As reported by Box Office Pro, Crazy Rich Asians only dipped 10 percent from last weekend to gross $22.2 million in its third weekend out in the Box Office.

From a domestic standpoint, the movie has grossed over $110.9 million already and has been one of the best Box Office performers in all of 2018.

Box Office Pro also notes they have not seen a rom-com movie perform like this since My Big Fat Greek Wedding back in 2004. It is doing similar small drops such as James Cameron's Avatar did back in 2009.

This weekend is a public holiday in North America meaning Crazy Rich Asians is going to gross more money on Monday. A four day estimate for the film puts it at $29.5 million which should impress Warner Bros.

Worldwide, Crazy Rich Asians has now grossed over $130.9 million globally. The budget for the film was only $30 million so Warner Bros. should see a nice and healthy profit.

This weekend's Box Office was still dominated by older films such as Mission: Impossible - Fallout and The Meg. New releases such as Operation Finale and Kin sadly flopped and made no impact whatsoever.

Operation Finale only made $6 million during the three day weekend while Kin bombed with only a $3 million weekend. These movies are sadly not going to make a huge impact and are likely to be removed from movie theaters very soon.

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