'Sister Wives' TLC Season 8 Tell All: Maddie, Meri Drop Explosive News

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On tonight's episode of TLC's Sister Wives, we learned additional explosive details about the relationships within this controversial family.

The episode kicks off with Meri talking about what it is that bothers her about her current relationship with Kody. Meri feels that she doesn't interact with Kody enough but at the same time it was Meri who asked Kody to give her some space.

Meri has a chance to talk about why she fell for Kody in the first place.

Still, Meri feels that she and Kody have broken their trust for each other. In a bitter moment, Kody says that if Meri left him it would affect his ego more than his feelings.

The conversation soon turns to Meri's catfishing incident. Kody talks about how he wanted Mariah to talk to her mom and support her.

Mariah's coming out as gay is also discussed. Kody notes that he was in shock but discusses how important it has been for him to support Mariah.

Meri's difficulty in accepting Mariah also comes up. Meri feels that she's past some of the feeling of being uncomfortable.

Mariah discusses her sexuality and the knowledge that she's always been gay but the difficulty of accepting in the context of growing up with a homophobic religion.

All of the older siblings sit down and discuss the events of the season as well.

Everyone shares their feelings about Mariah coming out as gay. Maddie and Caleb discuss their life as newlyweds and their recent news that they're expecting a child.

The wives and Kody also have a chance to debunk rumors about them. Meri corrects the belief that she is leaving the family. Kody has a chance to talk about how he's going to be a grandfather.

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