Marvel's Inhumans Shows No Signs Of Improving Its Quality

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I have watched all six episodes of Marvel's Inhumans and the series continues to disappoint me.

I was hoping things were going to get better, but nothing has changed. The series is likely not going to end on a high note.

Bear in mind, some major spoilers for episode six will be discussed here. That said, you can read on to know a major event that happened this week that is sure to displease fans of the original comic book characters.

Anyway, the latest episode was slightly better than the ones that preceded it. The story started to kick in with the main characters finally reuniting with one another.

The newest episode did not just stall showing the characters just talking and hanging out. The good guys were finally making efforts to get back to Attlian.

It was cool to see Black Bolt and the rest of the family actually working together as a unit for the first time. Gorgon and Karnack actually do some type of action in this episode.

Crystal does not do much, but at least she gets to see her family again. Not to mention Lockjaw is healthy and ready to take them all back to Attlian.

The newest episode also gives us more character time with Maximus. Maximus shows how truly evil he is and his backstory is interesting.

Still, I feel Maximus should have had more of an impact. He is still just doing nothing on Attlian outside of just barking orders to other people. However, I admired his evil presence for the first time.

The thing that made this episode so disappointing though is what happens to Gorgon.

Gorgon sacrifices himself to save everyone after the bounty hunter Mordis goes berserk. Gorgon is confirmed to be dead much to the disbelief of the other good guys.

Gorgon is a major character in the comic books, yet they got rid of him already.

It's also unfortunate to see the only major African American actor in the show leave this early too.

That said, his death might not be that severe since it's unlikely the show is going to be green-lit for a second season anyway...

Reportedly, there are only two more episodes left in the first season. Hopefully the final two episodes feature signs of improvements. As of right now, the series has been a bust from what I have seen so far.

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