Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 Review/Recap: Fighting The Invisible And Small Enemies

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There are now only four universes left in the Tournament of Power. Universe 7, Universe 11, Universe 4 and Universe 3 all remain. Which Universe will survive and which ones will perish?

Most of the popular fan favorite characters are now gone thanks to the elimination of Universe 6. All that's left to cheer for are the remaining fighters of Universe 7 as well as Jiren from Universe 11.

However, Universe 3 and Universe 4 still have a lot of fighters left and the remaining warriors will have to fight individuals they've yet to see before. These are enemies unlike any other that have previously appeared in Dragon Ball.

Before we see these fighters, we witness a showdown between Katopesla and Vegeta. The two seem to be evenly matched so far, although Vegeta turns it up a notch by becoming a Super Saiyan.

Katopesla doesn't last very long as Vegeta is able to defeat him easily. He knocks him out of the ring after dishing out a powerful Final Flash beam at him.

However, we soon find out that it's not Vegeta that got out Katopesla. Someone else seems to have threw him out, but we cannot see anyone.

The invisible character nearly throws out Vegeta out of the ring too, but thankfully he is able to save himself. Vegeta fans would have gotten VERY angry if he were to be eliminated this early that's for sure!

This invisible enemy also nearly throws out Gohan as well, but Piccolo manages to make the save thanks to his elongated arms. At this point of the episode, none of the Universe 7 fighters know who they are up against.

It's an effective tactic because not even the Gods like Zen-Oh or Beerus are able to see this invisible character. All of this is part of Quitela's plan who is the God of Destruction from Universe 4.

Sadly, Android 18 is getting attacked but she cannot fight back since she cannot see anything.

Piccolo opts to help out by doing a huge explosion attack. This is enough for the invisible fighter to move away, but Piccolo is unable to do this all of the time.

The funniest line of the entire episode comes from Master Roshi.

Roshi suggests to Gohan that he should use a bloody nose to expose the fighter. If you watched the original Dragon Ball series, you would have understood the R rated reference...

Quitela says the name of this invisible fighter is Gamisaras.

Gohan and Piccolo come up with a plan to draw him out and we see that he's an invisible chameleon like character. His charade isn't going to work as effectively anymore.

Once Piccolo is able to spot him, he eliminates Gamisaras pretty easily. Quitela is not going to give up so easily so he tells another fighter to go up against Gohan and Piccolo.

This new fighter is an illusionist named Shantza. He is able to bring the ghosts of Universe 9 back to life somehow and they fight against Gohan and Piccolo inside of a red dome.

The weird part is that these ghosts cannot be touched by Piccolo and Gohan, but the ghosts themselves are able to punch the pair with ease. It's an unfair battle, although it's still within the tournament rules.

We soon learn that Piccolo and Gohan aren't the only fighters being targeted by ghosts of previous fighters. The rest of Universe 7 have to fight their own battles now.

Piccolo and Gohan are really smart because they can sense the energy of the person that's controlling the illusions. Piccolo quickly sees Shantza hiding and he eliminates him with ease by shooting out a Ki blast.

The annoying part of this episode comes next. Another "invisible" fighter appears and manages to eliminate Piccolo from the Tournament of Power!

Piccolo has always been my favorite Dragon Ball character of all time, so I was a little annoyed seeing him get out of the tournament this early.

Sure Piccolo hasn't been as strong as the Saiyans lately, but he's arguably the smartest fighter out of the Z warriors.

This other fighter is called Damom and even the likes of Android 17 and Goku cannot seem to land a punch on him. However, Android 17 soon finds out that Damon is no ordinary fighter.

It turns out Damom is just a little green bug and this is why the other fighters weren't able to see him. Android 17 comes up with a plan to get rid of this bug once and for all.

He finds out that Damom cannot fly so he has to use the floor to jump. This prompts Goku to break apart the ring and Android 17 is able to catch Damom and boot him out for the much needed elimination.

The end of the episode sees Universe 4 getting erased by the Zen-Ohs. This leaves only Universe 3, Universe 11 and Universe 7 left in the Tournament of Power.

Anyway, this week's episode of Dragon Ball Super was decent despite my dislike for Piccolo getting eliminated already. I admired the teamwork of Universe 7 and it wasn't just Goku hogging the spotlight.

Next week, join us again for another Dragon Ball Super episode recap and review. Universe 7 will now have to contend with the remaining fighters from Universe 3!

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