Akira Toriyama Happy Not To Be Fully Involved With Dragon Ball Super Manga Drawings

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Back when Akira Toriyama created Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z mangas, he had to illustrate every panel as well as come up with the stories and characters.

Now, Akira Toriyama is happier that he can focus with the stories in Dragon Ball Super leaving Toyataro to do the illustrations.

In a new issue of Jump magazine, Akira Toriyama commented that he likes working on the Dragon Ball Super anime as more story ideas pop into his head. Herms98 on Twitter supplied Toriyama's translated comments down below. 

"Back in the old days I was completely hands-off with the Dragon Ball anime, but now I'm helping them out quite a lot, with plot outlines, dialogue, designs and whatnot. Even though I said I had no more ideas left and ended the original run of the manga, it turns out that when I don't have to draw the pictures, stories pop into my head with surprising ease. I suppose this just goes to show that I'm a lazy bum who simply doesn't want to draw manga".

If I remember correctly, Toriyama felt some fatigue drawing the manga for the Cell saga. This was because Perfect Cell had lots of patterns on his body which took longer for him to draw than usual. 

Well Toriyma does not have to worry about the manga so much anymore because his successor Toyotaro does all of the illustrations now. Toyotaro also helped Toriyama for some of the designs for the characters in the Tournament of Power. 

Anyway, Dragon Ball Super is not ending as everyone thought it would. The TV series is ending later this month, but an animated movie will continue the story when it gets released in Japan this December 14th.

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