Rumor: A Release Date For The Last Jedi Blu-ray/DVD May Have Been Revealed

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Even though Star Wars: The Last Jedi is still performing well in cinemas around the world, some fans are looking forward to the home release of the movie already.

A new rumor suggests a definite release date for the Blu-ray/DVD has already been revealed and it's coming sooner than you think.

According to a new rumor posted by The Digital Bits, their retail sources tell them that the tentative release date for the Blu-ray/DVD of Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be out on March 27th, 2018.

This is a plausible date mainly because it falls on a Tuesday.

The Digital Bits also says that the home release of the movie should be coming with 20 minutes of deleted scenes. This was actually confirmed a few weeks ago by the film's director Rian Johnson.

The report also says that Blu-ray/DVD should also include a trailer for the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story movie too.

It's possible Disney/Lucasfilm would have released the trailer for Solo way before The Last Jedi Blu-ray comes out though since the film is due out in May 2018.

It's worth mentioning the home release of The Last Jedi could also include the 4K Ultra HD version. 4K Blu-ray is still a niche market, although 4K technology is slowly crawling to become more widely adopted.

Bear in mind, you will need a new 4K Blu-ray player and preferably a 4K TV in order to play Ultra HD discs.

You can either get a 4K Blu-ray player or buy an Xbox One S or Xbox One X to play the new disc format.

Anyway, Disney and Lucasfilm have yet to officially announce any release dates regarding the home release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Hopefully more details are revealed to us very soon.

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