Adele Has Broken a Single Week Record Selling Over 2 Million Albums

Nielsen Music began tracking record sales in 1991 and *NSYNC held the top spot with 2.416 million in pure album sales, that is until the unstoppable force that is Adele and her album 25 that has now broken the longstanding record.

"After processing the first sales reports from Monday, Nov. 23, the album has already sold at least 2,433,000 in pure album sales in slightly more than three days," according to Billboard.

"That sum beats the single-week record for an album since Nielsen began tracking sales in 1991, set by *NSYNC's No Strings Attached, when it debuted with 2,416,000 in the week ending March 26, 2000."

The hit single "Hello" has remained on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for weeks shooting there in the first day of it's release. Adele is beating out Justin Bieber's return with Purpose, despite him having placed 17 tracks on the Hot 100 chart. It's literally a record breaking year in music and it is being done by some of it's youngest and most talented acts.

Bieber can rest assure that Adele won't be able to top his record as her album 25 only has 11 tracks, it just happens to be 11 tracks that her fans are loving.

Watch Adele perform "Water Under The Bridge" below.

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