Doctor Strange Director Doesn't Want You To Watch Tenet

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Tenet has been released today in many countries around the world, although many people still feel uncomfortable about cinemas opening to the public. Some people feel this will only prolong the Covid-19 pandemic.

Doctor Strange's director, Scott Derrickson, retweeted a tweet that disses people about going to the cinema too early. You can read the retweet posted down below.

"If you go see a movie in a theater right now, you are selfishly prolonging this crisis while endangering yourself, your family, and every stranger who may occupy a space you've vacated anywhere you go once you've been infected. You don't care about others. You suck."

Derrickson also added his own two cents saying: "Don’t go see Tenet or any other movie in a theater. There, I said it." He still feels the pandemic is too dangerous for people to go out.

Tenet will not be released in USA until September 3rd, although this will only be available in select cities. In other countries, Covid-19 is more contained so it's safer for people to go out in public.

Even a person like myself cannot even watch Tenet this week. I have to wait until next week to watch it in Auckland, NZ until restrictions lift.

Disney is not following Warner Bros' approach.

Instead, Disney is making people watch Mulan on Disney+, but with an additional $29.99 fee that allows you to watch the movie as many times as you want as long as you are a subscriber.

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