'Scream Queens' Recap: 'Blood Drive,' Season 2 Episode 6

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Last week, FOX's "Scream Queens" revealed the baby's, and possible killer, identity. Now, more will be revealed about the killer in "Blood Drive," the sixth episode of the second season.

Munsch and Chanel are holding a blood drive in order to deal with the hospital's shortage. Done with her coworkers, Nurse Hoffel starts carrying out her own revenge plot.

Hester moves from being patient to part of the staff. A clue towards the identity of Green Meanie is revealed and it's quite the jarring revelation.

#3 has been recycling the blood from the Green Meanie's victims and putting them in bags. Hoffel is actually Ms. Bean's sister. She wants revenge on the Chanels for burning her face. She's planning to use the blood drive to send the Chanels away from the hospital so that when they're murdered she can go clean.

She's turned the blood drive into a contest with the prize as a remote island. Munsch and Chanel fight for Brock's attention. Zayday is draining #5's blood because she's O negative.

When Chanel tries to get hot and heavy with Brock, he pulls away. He wants her to get tested for ever sexually transmitted disease. Hoffel warns Brock about getting too close to the Chanels.

Chanel wakes up to Hester standing over her with a knife. Boredom is driving her to murder. Chanel talks Munsch into letting Hester work as staff but it doesn't come without She brings her to a patient who is a vampire. Chanel is taking blood from each of the Chanels to help her win the contest.

#9 is frightened by needles and runs out. Munsch steals some A positive blood while the Green Meanie watches in the background.

The next day, she reports that Chanel has tested positive for every disease and that her blood is disqualified from the contest. Chanel and Munsch race to the board to the tune of O Fortuna.

Zayday tries to ask the wife to donate blood to the hospital. Hester has figured out the vampire's real disease that explains all his symptoms except for the blood drinking. That seems to be just him. The best way to cure it is to force him to eat blood until he's sick of it. Chanel hasn't given up on the contest.

She raids a blood truck but when she tries to put it with the rest, she finds its gone missing. Following the blood trail, she finds Hester using it for the vampire. Munsch comes in and tells her to find a new solution.

Chamberlin confronts Zayday about how she believes he's the baby in the belly. He denies it, but that's exactly what the killer would do. He's gonna have to get the wife's blood type in order to gain her trust back.

#5 is finally too drained so Chanel has to convince #9 to give her blood. Chanel straps #9 down so she doesn't flinch. Chanel actually told the truth and she is good at drawing blood painlessly. She gets distracted by Brock walking past. She chases after him and leaves #9 alone. The Green Meanie comes in but is stopped by Nurse Hoffel.

However, she just wants to help kill the Chanels. Starting with making sure Chanel wins the contest.The Green Meanie reveals himself to her as Cassidy. They drain #9 of all her blood.

Hester needs blood to cure her patient and spies Chamberlin bringing Chanel's blood to dump in the swamp. Munsch, Chanel, and Brock race to find Hester after finding #9's body. She, of course, hasn't done it.

Hester drops the bomb that Chanel's blood was actually clean. Nurse Hoffel's plan hits a snag when Chanel rejects the trip because the plan tickets are business select. Chamberlin was able to get the wife's blood type from her saliva. She and her husband were both O positive and Chamberlian has cleared his name...for now.

Cassidy swapped his O positive sticker with Brock's A positive. Thus everyone believes he's the killer, despite the fact that he's too old to be the baby in the belly.

His murder hand takes control and he warns consequences. Cassidy gifts Hoffel with her own Green Meanie costume. There are three killer wandering the hospital's halls.

"Blood Drive" was another gruesomely hilarious episode of "Scream Queens." Revenge is running rampant in the hospital but at least they're getting closer to sorting it out.

Keep watching to find out just who's under the Green Meanie mask and check clips for next here.

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