'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 12 Recap: Will Whitney Leave the Show Forever?

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Tonight was the season finale of My Big Fat Fabulous Life season 4, featuring the dance battle between Whitney and the Trophy Wives. The episode begins with Whitney worrying about Buddy's health considering that he continues to keep irregular hours bartending.

Whitney wonders whether he can keep up the job's demands.

Next, Whitney heads over to Maney and Roy's radio show. Whitney discusses the divorce between Angelina and Brad.

She had no trouble ad libbing with Maney and Roy,which Maney definitely takes note of. Lauren also calls in to the show and gives Whitney a big boost of confidence by complimenting her.

Whitney also goes out with Maddie for frozen yogurt. Whitney has a chance to tell her friends about the situation with Todd in New York. Whitney's friends are surprised at how jealously Todd behaved.

Whitney chats with the Fitness Marshall in this episode and finds out that her video is going to be debuting and the end result is fantastic.

In this episode, Whitney also wants to turn her garage into a studio. Her father is there during the estimate and worried about the price.

Next, Todd accepts Maddie's invitation to go to Whitney's home to sit down with everyone to get things out in the open. Todd talks about he felt like "dead skin," based on how Whitney treated him.

Todd also feels he was supportive of Whitney. Whitney gets emotional when she talks about what Todd means to her. Todd is able to return Whitney's emotion and the two make up.

Whitney also sees the doctor in this episode about her toe and shockingly, he tells her that she shouldn't be dancing for 4-6 weeks.

Whitney also has to tell her dance troupe that she won't be able to dance for 4 weeks. Everyone is crestfallen.

The discussion comes about how Whitney's going to tell Jiya, So she decides to tell Jiya in person and bring her doctor's note with her. Despite her proof, Jiya is upset with Whitney and begins to get upset.

When Whitney has her renovation begin she's wondering where her parents are and notices that they're aren't answering her phone calls. So she goes to her parents house and sees that her parents appear to have left mid-breakfast.

When Whitney finally talks to her father, she finds out that her mother when to the hospital with symptoms of a stroke. Whitney is terror stricken and makes her way to the hospital.

Will Babs be okay?

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