I am Jazz Episode 2 Recap: Things Gets Awkward When Grandpa Discusses

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On tonight's episode of "I am Jazz," Jazz continues her quest to identify a surgeon or type of procedure that might help her achieve the bottom effect she's been looking for.

Did she find it? And what's the follow up to the last episode's date that Jazz went on?

Jazz returns from her date and is clearly in a mood. Her mom tries to find out what happened on her date.

She knows that Jazz responds to people who are interested in her social settings by pushing them away. Jazz explains that she gets really insecure about herself in social settings and withdraws.

Next, Jazz's friends come over and spend time with her. Everyone wants to find out about Jazz's date, which annoys Jazz. She feels lost in terms of how she's going to meet someone.

Jeanette and Greg head out on an evening out with her parents. Jeanette's father asks if Jazz will speak at an event for advocacy..

In an awkward moment, Jeanette's parents point out that Jazz was actually well-endowed in terms of her genitalia when she was a child.

In this episode, Jazz also sits down with her grandparents to talk about what they will be discussing at the advocacy event. Jazz recognizes that some people might ask inappropriate questions.

Jazz also feels concerned when she hears her grandfather empathizing with protestors against transgender issues. For instance, her grandfather wonders why transgender people don't use the bathroom for their assigned gender. Jazz doesn't want her grandfather to misrepresent the community.

Jazz also goes out with her friends and talks about finding another consultation for bottom surgery. She feels intimidated when she finds out about her friends all dating. It's hard for her to see people pairing up.

Later, at the advocacy event, Jazz is upset to hear her grandfather discuss her being transgender as a 'handicap." Jazz clashes with her grandfather about this and a few other issues as well during the event.

Soon, it's time for Jazz's consultation with an expert in transgender bottom surgery Dr. McGinn. The topics that come up definitely make Greg uncomfortable.

The doctor does reveal that she's only done the surgery about 5 times. She encourages Jazz to speak to other patients.

Jazz does get a chance to talk to some patients who've had the bottom surgery and ask frank questions.

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