Ellen DeGeneres Does The 'Blow Cup Challenge'

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Ellen DeGeneres has entertained all of the new hip challenges from the mannequin challenge to the water bottle flip challenge.

Now, the latest craze happens to be the blow cup challenge and she decided to see what all of the fuss was about this time around.

DeGeneres asked Twitch if he had heard of the "new challenge the kids were doing these days." Twitch hadn't heard about the challenge so DeGeneres explained it to him and all of her viewers and audience members.

For the blow cup challenge you have to try to blow one cup out of another and into another.

The host tried to complete the challenge and failed to do so the first couple of times. The attempt was pretty comedic and was full of fails.

Andy even stepped up to do it. He actually managed to complete the challenge but was so filled with laughter that he didn't notice. The audience however, continued to cheer as they realized he barely got it done.

You can check out the "blow cup challenge" video from The Ellen Show below.