Ryan Reynolds Denies Deadpool's Appearance In 'Logan'

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Well, as much as we all would love to see a Deadpool cameo in the new Logan film, we now have three of the biggest people involved in the film denying Deadpool being in the film.

A report from The Wrap claimed that Ryan Reynolds shot footage as Deadpool for the Logan film, however, following the report and a lot of fan excitement, Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Logan director, James Mangold all took to social media to corroborate each other's denial.

The denial kicked off with Reynold's tweet which stated that prisoner 24601 was on a solo mission. Fans of Deadpool knows that the character is all about thinking for himself for the most part, especially when there are other mutants involved.

So it's really no surprise that he would sit out a film that is all about the Wolverine.

Later on, Mangold and Jackman both added the equivalent of a Ditto to Reynolds' tweet, further denying any connection between the two superheroes from the Logan film.

This doesn't take away from what could possibly be one of the best Wolverine movies to come. Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017.

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