Life Sentence Season 1 Episode 3 'Clinical Trial and Error' Episode Review

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Life Sentence is on for the third time and the series is still trying its best to balance both comedy and drama.

The episode called "Clinical Trial and Error" was better than last week's episode and was a bit more realistic in terms of how it portrayed how the medical industry works.

Anyway, the main plot this week sees Stella (Lucy Hale) trying her best to help out another patient at the hospital she volunteers in.

A young girl by the name of Sadie has the same type of cancer Stella had, but poor Sadie is not going to get the same treatment.

Stella is told that her trial no longer exists as the donor pulled the funding unexpectedly.

Stella goes on a mission to find out why the funding was pulled and wants to talk to the man who funded it in the first place.

I thought this week's main story was really good as it focused more on the actual drama of cancer rather than the usual romantic/relationship problems like the previous episodes.

It was also a kind of realistic episode mainly because it did not have a happy ending since not everything went Stella's way.

As for Stella, I felt this week's episode was important as she grew stronger as a character and started to realize how important her father and mother were when she was previously "dying" from cancer.

She finally learnt that life is not like a fairy tale all of the time.

The side story was kind of funny this week as Aiden and his father Wes go out to a bar.

Wes is still sad about his wife leaving him, so Aiden decides to go out with his father to try and teach him how to pick up women again.

Aiden still continues to be my favorite character in the entire show since he's the most comedic person.

Wes is also becoming less serious as the show goes by since he's starting to not feel depressed and is looking towards the future.

The only thing that made me sad at the end is the prospect of Sadie on the show. Sadie does not have the support that Stella had when she was in hospital and I hope the writers don't kill her off yet.

Stella needs a character that knows what she went through when she had cancer.

Anyway, episode 3 of Life Sentence was much better than episode 2 and may have been my favorite episode so far. Hopefully future episodes have a healthy mix of drama and comedy as this is the tone I prefer. 

I'm hoping the show does not get canceled as I feel there aren't that many shows out there that tackle issues such as cancer, unemployment and rejection.

There's potential for the show to feature more unique storylines for the likable cast of characters.

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