Supergirl Season 3 Episode 16 Recap/Review: ‘Of Two Minds’

Supergirl and her teammates are still on the lookout for the third Worldkiller known as Pestilence. The search is going really cold at the moment because people are dying and the team has no idea of her real identity.

This week's episode was interesting because it was highlighted by an internal battle between Supergirl and Irma. Supergirl is similar to Batman and does everything she can to try and not kill her enemies no matter how dangerous they are.

Irma and Brainy on the other hand aren't afraid to do what's right in their eyes because they want to kill Pestilence before the Blight kicks in that will kill millions of people in the future.

There's a 98 percent chance millions will survive with Pestilence killed.

No matter how bad the future gets, Supergirl is unable to change her morals so she and Irma are at odds this week.

I thought this was interesting mainly because we've never seen a hero character in the show so adamant on killing someone.

Pestilence is able to make people get sick by simply touching them, but it's hard to track who she really is. Before they can find out who is responsible, Alex and Winn get sick so the situation is getting dangerous.

The team later find out that the real identity of Pestilence is a doctor by the name of Grace Parker. For some reason, she's been infecting and killing lots of people and doesn't want to stop.

Getting Pestilence's DNA is important because that's the only way that they can cure Alex and Winn. It's not going to be easy getting her DNA because Pestilence does not want to give up without a fight.

The most interesting thing about the Grace Parker character is that the human side of her is actually quite evil.

Supergirl tries to reason with her, but her words fail to reach her. What follows is the episode's only action scene as Pestilence fights against Supergirl, Irma and Mon El in a short battle.

I was hoping this week's episode would have featured more action, but all of it just occurred at the end.

Irma does not get a chance to kill Pestilence, but she is able to get her DNA until Purity shows up to save her. With Purity now with Pestilence, two of the Worldkillers are out free.

Pestilence's DNA is able cure Winn and Alex, while Irma confesses to Supergirl why she wanted to end Pestilence's life.

Irma says her sister dies by the Blight in the future and she was hoping killing Pestilence might be able to save her dead sister in the future.

I don't see Supergirl going against her moral code of not killing anybody, but she has to make a tough judgment.

The Worldkillers aren't going to be easy to defeat but Supergirl will try her best to save their human sides.

Sadly, this week's episode ends with bad news for the hero characters because Purity and Pestilence break into Lena Luthor's laboratory and steals Reign. The three Worldkillers are united once again!

I kind of feel sorry for Lena Luthor this week because she's been trying really hard to save Samantha, but her hard work came to nothing now that Reign has escaped.

It's going to be tough for the hero characters to beat the Worldkillers now with all of them reunited as one.

Even though this week had some good story and character progression, it was surprisingly slow for the most part.

The majority of this week's episode just concentrated on the DEO looking after sick people and it was kind of boring to watch at times.

It only picked up near the end once they found Grace Parker and she started to fight back. Other than that and the end sequence, the rest of the episode was kind of forgettable.

Let's hope the upcoming episodes are better now that the Worldkillers are free to terrorize Earth. Supergirl and the DEO have to do all that they can to stop their reign of terror!

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