Watch 'Top Gear' Mess Up And Destroy New Alfa Romeo While Trying To Drift

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Now that Top Gear stars real racers -- as opposed to a bunch of uncoordinated, yet hilarious, 'wankers' -- you would think that their driving skills would be better -- kind of like the much more serious Fifth Gear. But apparently, that's not true.

During recording for the latest Top Gear episode, professional race driver and new Top Gear host Chris Harris tried to slide a brand-new Alfa Romeo through a barricade with the car -sized hole in it.

Unfortunately, that didn't go so well.

Previously, when talking about the brand-new Alfa Romeo Giulia, Chris Harris bragged about how he could slide the car in any way he wanted.

Having raced for decades, his argument was very much believable. But it looks like Harris bit off more than he could chew.

Top Gear No 'Grand Tour'

After Harris made the claim, Top Gear co-host Rory Reid challenged him to a slide off.

Reid set up a barricade with a car shaped hole in it, around which tires and other safety gear was placed.

The challenge: Harris had to drive the Giulia straight at the wall, and do a Scandinavian flick, sliding through the hole in the barricade.

But things didn't go according to plan. You can watch the video here:

Harris tried to do the stunt three different times, and he failed each time.

The first time, he hit the barricade, doing severe damage to the windshield. During the next two tries, he also hit the barricade, doing minor additional damage.

However, Harris kept trying, and eventually he was able to properly slide the car through the barricade. That occurred several hours after they started.

Top Gear Needs Tiff And Jason

You may remember that Fifth Gear did a similar stunt a few years ago, when the team tried to beat out self-parallel-parking cars for speed.

While most of the hosts, including famed racer Tiff Needell, tried to park their car normally, Jason Plato, another racing star and host, decided to parallel park a different way.

Instead of driving up alongside the other cars, he drove straight toward the other cars and did a handbrake turn and slid right into a very tight parallel parking spot -- perfectly.

You can watch Plato do the stunt below:

In this competition, clearly Fifth Gear beats out Top Gear by miles.

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