'Supergirl' Recap:'The Darkest Place,' Season 2 Episode 7

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With one member missing and another running from the law, the CW's "Supergirl" team is going to be stretched thin. Who will be there when the heroes need to be saved in "The Darkest Place," the second season's seventh episode.

Mon-El has been kidnapped by CADMUS. Supergirl tries to rescue him but comes up against a Cyborg version of Superman that stops her in her tracks. When a murder committed by another vigilante is pinned on Guardian, Winn and James work together to clear his name.

Supergirl is getting her butt kicked by someone who looks like J'onn. Twenty-four hours earlier, team supergirl is hanging out in the alien bar. Kara is a little apprehensive of Guardian. She doesn't think they should trust him right away.

Alex comes in and suggests Guardian is working with a sidekick. Maggie shows up and gets the introduction to Alex's friends.

She's been trying to contact Alex, but understandably, she's been ignoring her calls. After they agree to be friends, Alex notices that Mon-El isn't there. Kara isn't too worried.

Mon-El goads his guard into trying to attack him. He manages to get his guard key but before he can escape, CADMUS leader shows up with a captive Hank. But it must not be the real J'onn because he's in his DEO office.

M'Gann stops by to check on him. Even though he assures her that he's alright, he hallucinates his family.

Guardian and Winn stop a robber and string him up for the cops. The moment they move on, another vigilante shows up and murders him.

James gets some shocking news when he comes into work the next day. Video footage from last night shows the Guardian committing murder. Winn comes into the office, obviously freaking out.

He wants to shut Guardian down but James thinks the best way to end it is to clear their names. Kara interrupts Hank in the midst of tai chi.

He admits to her that he keeps seeing his dead family. She assumes he's just feeling guilty for having M'Gann in his life.

James was right and the new vigilante shows up. He vanishes the moment the police show up, leaving Guardian to take the blame. Supergirl is about to head over when she receives a message from CADMUS. They admit to having Mon-El, so of course she rushes straight over. Turns out the real Hank survived and CADMUS has given him a cool new upgrade. He's able to take a punch from Supergirl and stay standing.

Hank is determined to kill Supergirl. A blast with heat vision reveals that Hank is now a cyborg, Cyborg Superman to be exact. Alex has noticed that Kara is gone for far longer than she should be. When she asks Winn, he brings up Guardian and ends up telling her that he's James.

She promises to keep it a secret, for now. Alex asks Maggie to drop the Guardian thing.

When Maggie brings up being friends again, Alex snaps and finally tells her how she's been feeling since the rejection.

J'onn finally admits that something is wrong with him when he pulls a gun on a coworker while hallucinating a White Martian.

The head of CADMUS is, of course, a Luthor. She's looking for revenge for Lex being in jail. They've created a helmet that absorbs all of Supergirl's solar power which essential makes her human.The lead poisoning has gotten to be too much for Mon-El. Jeremiah is forced to perform surgery on him to remove the bullet. It waste what little time they had and the alarm starts to go off.

Kara is forced to leave him behind. Winn's calculations were correct on the vigilante's next target.

When he won't listen to reason, Guardian is able to subdue him but not without taking a bullet. Maggie and Alex are the first on the scene. Maggie allows Guardian to leave before backup arrives.

Supergirl is strapped to a table. CADMUS begins by drawing her blood. Winn has figured out that the Vigilante is targeting criminals that have escaped the system. His narrowed it down to a navy SEAL whose wife was murdered and the murder didn't end up going to jail. Alex runs a blood test.

J'onn recognizes. Angry, he confronts M'Gann. She tries to plead her case but he won't hear it.

Supergirl is worried she might not escape from CADMUS. With the threat of dying hanging over his head, Mon-El tries to tell her the truth about Daxam. Before he can, Jeremiah bursts in to rescue them.

The moment Alex returns to the DEO, she rushes to Kara's bedside. She tells her about seeing Jeremiah. Alex immediately takes a team to their hideout but the place has already cleared out. J'onn has M'Gann locked in a cell.

She warns him that her blood is turning him into a White Martian. Mon-El asks Winn and James about Kara's mating habits, even though he dines his own interest.

Maggie shows up with an apology but she still just want to be friends. Alex accepts it. With Kara's blood Cadmus is able to access Superman's cave in order to acquire all information on the Medusa project.

"The Darkest Place" was another exciting episode of "Supergirl." It's great to see James and Winn pursuing the hero gig after so long on the sidelines.

Tune in next Monday at 8pm for the start of the four show crossover and rewatch your favorite episodes here.

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