Ellen DeGeneres Surprises A Teen Busker Named Alfie Sheard

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He may only be 15 but Teen Busker Alfie Sheard made such a huge impression on Ellen DeGeneres with his viral video, that she had to have him on The Ellen Show.

DeGeneres sat down to chat with Sheard and also gave him a little surprise.

DeGeneres introduced Sheard and immediately told the fans, "wait til y'all hear him sing." She said that 3 million people have seen the video and Sheard thanked DeGeneres for having him on the show.

The host joked that he should eat the stuff from the mini bar because they're taking car of all of that. Sheard started playing at the age of 12 and said he always just wanted to sing and perform.

Sheard said he liked performing on the street because he can perform new songs that others don't know. He said he likes to see them filming and smiling at his performance.

Sheard reinvests the money he makes in his music and likes that he doesn't have to ask his mom for money.

His ultimate goal is to go home to his mother and tell her that she doesn't have to work anymore because he will take care of her.

Then it was down to the big surprise for Sheard. Last week while he was on The Ellen Show, Ed Sheeran recorded a message for Sheard. He said that he has heard his stuff and he wanted to give him one of his guitars.

Sheeran said he would only gift him the guitar if he played it everyday.

DeGeneres' team brought out the guitar and later on had Sheard perform for the crowd. You can check out Alfie Sheard's performance and interview from The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Ellen DeGeneres Surprises A Teen Busker Named Alfie Sheard

Aflie Sheard Performs On The Ellen Show