Why Man of Steel 2 Isn't Happening

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A few weeks ago, it was reported that Henry Cavill will be reprising his role in Superman in many upcoming DC films. However, it sounds like he won't be back in the role for a Man of Steel 2 movie.

Heroic Hollywood now has insider information as to why Warner Bros is not interested in developing a direct sequel to Man of Steel.

The bold claim is that Warner Bros does not think a standalone Superman movie will be successful at this time.

Man of Steel in 2013 cost over $225 million to make and it only made a small profit margin with a $668 million Box Office intake. A movie that expensive should gross over $800 million in order to be successful.

Due to this, Warner Bros feels it's much better for Superman to have a supporting role in other movies. If this is successful, they will feel more confident in Man of Steel 2 once the Superman character becomes more popular.

This may come as bad news for Superman fans since a character like Shazam! is getting a sequel even though the character isn't well known. That being said, Shazam's budget was only $100 million so it's not as expensive to make.

The next time we will see Superman is in the Snyder Cut of Justice League coming out in 2021. Hopefully this version of Justice League is successful so we can see more DC films being made going forward in the future!

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