'Little People, Big World' Season 11 Episode 7: A Compound?

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Tonight was episode 7 of Little People, Big World with Jeremy and Zack beginning to ask Amy some pretty uncomfortable questions.

Jeremy and Zack are at the farm for his mom's birthday. Jeremy and Audrey will also be celebrating their upcoming anniversary.

Jeremy also feels that he and Audrey had really awkward encounter with Amy as she was about to go on her date.

Jeremy begins asking Amy about her dating life and Amy responds by laughing because she's so uncomfortable talking about it. Amy acknowledges the difficulty her children may be having seeing her date.

Meanwhile, Matt has yet another idea for the farm: he wants to create a custom cabin. Matt also wants his children to be able to live on the farm and is thinking about creating homes for Jeremy and Zack.

With Amy's birthday coming up, she wants to think about planning a gathering. Her friend encourages her to invite Chris, her date from her motorcycle ride.

Amy talks about feeling alone despite the fact that Matt continues to reside on the farm.

Zack decides to spend some time with Jeremy and Audrey and the conversation soon turns to Amy's new dating life. Jeremy and Zack discuss their sense of acceptance about their mom's dating life.

Next, Zack spends some time with Matt and informs him of Amy's birthday outing. Zack tells Matt that he doesn't picture himself returning to live on the farm but does always want to be involved with the family business.

The day of Amy's party dawns and it turns out that it's raining, which is a real disappointment.

Still, Amy isn't going to be thwarted. However, cancelations start to come in with Chris calling to say that because of a family obligation he won't be able to make Amy's party.

Zach and Tori go on a walk around the farm and Zack opens up to Tori. It's been hard for him to adjust to his parents being divorced and starting to see new people.

Amy takes off on her boat tour and finds herself talking to her friends about the adjustment to being single again. For Amy, part of her adjustment has been giving her kids some leeway with seeing her change so much.

Jeremy plans a romantic anniversary celebration for him and Audrey. They have a chance to talk about all of their future plans, including having kids and returning to the farm.

To get things out in the open, Amy has Zac and Jeremy over to dine with her and ask her any questions that they might have.

Zack and Jeremy are worried that Amy might be rebounding but Amy doesn't have the heart to point out that her marriage to Matt had been over well before she actually moved forward with a divorce.

Matt meets with an architect to discuss a set of homes ("a compound") that he wants to build on the property. Although Matt is excited about his plans, he feels that Amy might hold him back.

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