'Little People, Big World' Season 11 Episode 6: What Happens on Amy's Hot Date?

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Tonight was episode 6 of Little People, Big World and the Roloff's are busy with home renovations.

The episode began with Matt purchasing a throne for the castle, and Amy catching him. The two argue over whether it should have been purchased.

At the same time, Zach and Tori discuss their attempts to maintain their home. It's their first home together and both Zach and Tori want to keep it up.

They discover that their outside deck is falling apart and Tori has some big dreams. Zach hopes that their wallet can keep up with her.

Meanwhile, Matt heads to an auction to purchase something for the farm. Matt knows that he needs to keep himself in check given that every cent he spends on the farm will be documented.

Back at the farm, Amy practices a workout with Audrey.

Amy is excited to go on her upcoming date with Chris and feels motivated to stay in shape. Once she hears from Chris, Amy is even more excited and talks about how she's always wanted to ride a motorcycle.

Amy also has chance to look around the farm and realizes how much Matt has been spending and feels concerned. Matt is a lot less fiscally conservative than Amy, which bothers her.

Amy has a chance to talk to Matt about the fact that she needs a helmet and asks Matt where she can find one.

Matt questions whether Amy might be going out on a date. Amy feels talking to Matt about her motorcycle ride is awkward.

Matt talks about how the farm has become a tourist attraction - one family comes to the farm so that their visually impaired son can touch things around the farm and experience new sensations.

Zach and Jeremy also have a chance to spend more time with their dad and get some pizza. Matt discusses his concerns about Amy's going on a motorcycle ride.

Jeremy and Zach are uncharacteristically quiet. Privately, they too are worried about their mom. Still, they encourage Matt to be supportive.

Finally, Chris arrives on the farm with his motorcycle. Amy talks about she was always hoping that someone who was average sized could get past her height.

She's excited that Chris was able to get past this.

Audrey and Jeremy walk up and introduce themselves as they're leaving the farm to take off for Bend.

Jeremy talks about how he wants to be supportive of his mom but also hopes that she stays safe as she goes out with new guys.

Amy finds riding a motorcycle truly thrilling. She and Chris also have a chance to go to a pub and enjoy a bite to eat.

Tori and Zach admire the work on their new deck; Zach and Tori are both pleased to be making their home more family friendly.

Will Amy's newfound chemistry with Chris last? We'll find out next week.

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