'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' TLC Season 4 Episode 8: Does Whitney Win the Dance Battle

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Tonight was Episode 8 of this season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life and we got to find out whether all of Whitney's hard work paid off or not.

The show kicks off with Whitney once again appearing on Maney and Roy's radio show. Whitney talks about how she's on the verge of a breakdown. She brought Jenzi in but she turned out to be too hard on her girls.

Whitney doesn't think that at this time she can win. Still, she's upset that Roy won't be there to watch her class perform given that he was the one who started the whole conversation about the dance battle.

Whitney's brother visits in this episode. The family sits down to dinner and immediately gets offended by her mother asking if there's a weight limit on horse riders.

Whitney tells her parents about her date with Amanda which incites her father. He talks about how Whitney likes to give him a hard time.

Whitney then practices dance with her friend Cameron. The whole class gets together too for another rehearsal. Whitney decides not to cut any of her girls because she feels that unity within her class is important.

Jiya is seen practicing with her own class talking about how she needs to beat Whitney. Her secret weapon is the "Misfits," the daughters of a number of her class participants.

At her practice, Whitney begins to doubt her decision to use sticks in their performance. She thought it would elevate the performance. During practice, however, Todd feels a sudden flash of pain and has to sit out.

Jenzi then arrives and Whitney is not in the mood to deal with her. When Jenzi begins to boss everyone, Whitney stands up to her. Still, everyone thanks Jenzi when they've completed practice. You can watch a clip here.

The day of the dance-off, Whitney has her makeup done by her friend Amber and gets psyched up for her dance battle.

When they get to the gym, Whitney and her team practice one last time.

Soon, the battle begins, DJ'd by Maney. The judges are introduced and then the dancing takes off.

Jiya breaks out her secret weapon, "The Misfits," and Whitney is incensed to find out that additional team members could be included.

Whitney is surprised that Jiya's strategy consists of so many different formations and dance music,

Still, Whitney does feel that her entire troupe brings it.

The moment finally arrives for the judges to make their call. Who's the winner?

It turns out that Trophy Wives does win the dance battle.

Whitney immediately thinks to herself that that the battle wasn't fair because who wants to send kids home without a trophy? Still, Whitney does feels that the dance battle brought out the best in her class.

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