'DC Legends of Tomorrow' Recap: 'Legion of Doom,' Season 2 Episode 10

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The heroes in the CW's "Legends of Tomorrow" were reunited with their lost captain.

But it wasn't long before he was taken by the enemy. Now they'll fight hard to get him back in "Legion of Doom," the tenth episode in the second season.

The Legends are hell bent on rescuing Rip from the Legion of Doom's clutches. However, they realize that their priority will be to locate the Spear of Destiny before the Legion.

Stein believes he knows just the person to help in their search, but contacting her might be too dangerous. Darhk and Merlyn start to realize that Thawne is use them against each other.

Thawne is beginning to lose value in keeping Merlyn and Darhk around since they're not getting anything new out of Rip. The Legends are scrambling to figure out their next move. Amaya thinks they need to figure out who the Speedster is and Mick thinks they should use the medallion as leverage.

Merlyn fails in his second attempt to make Rip remember. He believes that Rip erased his old personality from existence.

Darhk takes another crack at torture. He finds a tooth with a barcode on it from a safety deposit box in 2025.

Stein and Jefferson go to meet his daughter to ask her to help figure out how to use the medallion. She figures it out and they take her back to the ship to continue working on it.

The rest of the team is confused and displeased by her appearance. Merlyn and Darhk have a pissing contest over whose plan they should follow to retrieve the box.

While waiting for Rip at the bank, Merlyn and Darhk discuss Thawne's motives for convincing them to go with his plans. The Legends are trying to figure out the same thing.

When Rip can't come up with his access code, the situation at the bank becomes hectic. They are forced to leave without the contents of the box.

Lily and Ray are able to sync Gideon and the medallion. When they go to celebrate, Mick comes in and drops the bomb that she's a time aberration. Merlyn and Darhk decide to duel in order to dispute their differences.

Lily confronts her father about being an aberration. Rip becomes the voice of reason to stop their squabble. The two former member of the League of Assassins agree to work together against Thawne.

Jax encourages Stein to go speak with Lily. Nate figures out that the Speedster they're looking for doesn't exist. Stein remembers Eobard Thawne. Merlyn and Darhk go to bank.

Thawne returns to the hideout and gets their location from Rip. In the box is a dial filled with Rip's memories.

Nate thinks that Thawne has to keep moving in order to keep time from erasing him. A theory that is tested when Merlyn locks the bank doors, that he apparently can't phase through, and his timer goes off.

Thawne is being chased by the Black Flash. He's attracted to the speed force and can only locate him when he uses it. They agree to get him out if he treats them as equals. Thawne is forced to stand still as the Black Flash races around him.

Working together, they're able to lock it in the vault. Stein confronts his daughter.

They're able to work thing out between them but she's still adamant that she return to her own time. Thawne is modifying Rip's memories before uploading them back.

"Legion of Doom," put a lot of focus on the budding villainous relationship between Merlyn and Darhk.

They're a definitely shaping the duo that will give the "Legends of Tomorrow" a run for their money. Watch them continue to fight Tuesday's at 9pm and re-watch latest episodes here.

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