Wack Packer Bobo Bowie Passes His Test On Howard Stern's Radio Show

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Just when you thought Howard Stern Wack Packer Bobo might be in a bit more trouble he manages to pass a test that Stern talked about after taking a call from a listener on the Sirius XM show.

Update: this is an old article. The article on Bobo's exam from today is above.

Prior to the airing of the History of Howard Stern, the radio show got pretty crazy with Stern even banning Bobo for accepting a fake role on "General Hospital." After receiving a call from a listener on today's show, Stern revealed that Bobo was tested once again during a check-in an he actually passed, according to a MarksFriggin report of the show.

"Howard said that he held out," reported MarksFriggin.

"Howard said Bobo really thought it was General Hospital calling. Howard played the audio of Bobo taking the call from this guy from General Hospital asking if he was available.

Bobo said he mentioned the show 5 times and Howard wasn't pleased with it.

Bobo said maybe after this 'banned' he can check with Gary about being on the show. Bobo said he can only take a call from Ralph but he hasn't called yet."

Bobo seemed a bit remorseful according to Stern's statements about the call and also mentioned that the whole mentioning of a show caused a falling out between the two, inevitably causing him to be banned from the show for a period of time.

"Howard said they tested him again.

He played more of them trying to get Bobo to do the show and asking if he would want to be on with Kelly Monaco. Bobo stuck with it and didn't agree to anything," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said he might have his sentence suspended and be back in early September."

However, Stern continued to say that the summer would remain Bobo free and didn't quite make a solid decision on the sentence.

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