Avengers: Infinity War Is Now The Highest Grossing Superhero Movie Of All Time

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Avengers: Infinity War has now beaten The Avengers movie from 2012 to be the highest grossing superhero movie of all time worldwide.

It will be interesting to see if it can creep its way up to be in the top three highest grossing films from any genre of all time.

As reported by Box Office Pro, Avengers: Infinity War has now grossed over $1.607 billion worldwide. This is all thanks to a great opening over in China where it took in an estimated $200 million over the weekend.

The great opening weekend allowed Infinity War to overtake the $1.5 billion that The Avengers got back in 2012. Infinity War is now the fifth highest grossing film worldwide and is set to leap frog over Jurassic World's $1.671 billion gross.

The film's momentum is not slowing down in North America as its third weekend gross was also very impressive. This week, the movie earned a third weekend gross of $61.8 million.

The movie's domestic gross is now $550 million meaning it has now made more money than Beauty and the Beast 2017 and The Dark Knight.

The film is now tracking to pass the $620 million that Star Wars: The Last Jedi got a few months ago in North America.

This weekend is probably the last time Infinity War will be number 1 in North America. This is because Deadpool 2 is out next weekend which is tracking to have an impressive opening weekend of over $150 million.

The week after Deadpool 2 is also going to be a huge weekend because Disney will be competing against itself when it releases Solo: A Star Wars Story releases on May 25th.

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