Persona 5: The Animation Episode 22 Recap/Review: 'Is This Our Fault'?

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In the last episode of Persona 5: The Animation, Mr Okumura passed out on what looked like to be from cardiac arrest.

Sadly, Mr Okumura died shortly after this incident and now everyone in Japan is blaming The Phantom Thieves for his sudden death.

The Phantom Thieves are puzzled because all they did was change his heart and nothing else.

All they wanted to do was for Mr Okumura to confess his crimes and be punished for the things he did in the past. The last thing the team wanted to do was see the death of another man.

This is actually the second mysterious death of a high profile figure in Japan recently as Principal Kobayakawa from Shujin Academy also died from mysterious circumstances.

The chilling thing about Kobayakawa's death is that a calling card was left for him, but The Phantom Thieves were not targeting him.

Futaba does some investigation of her own and she finds out that someone out there is framing The Phantom Thieves on purpose.

The hacker group "Medjed" was also a setup to make sure The Phantom Thieves look like the actual criminals.

As a result of the recent death, public support for The Phantom Thieves is dropping a lot. The group will have to lay low for the time being until they find out who is trying to frame them.

Sadly, this week's episode was kind of slow because the main characters had to lay low to hide their identities.

Even though some small sections of Japan still support The Phantom Thieves, their reputation has been tarnished as many citizens in the country believe them to be murderers.

It is then revealed owner of the Phantom Thieves' website, Yuuki Mishima, only set up the website in the first place for his own personal gain.

The Phantom Thieves know this when they see the Shadow Mishima confess this while they are inside the Metaverse.

Ren chooses not to change the heart of Mishima and forces him to find out on his own what he wants to do.

Yuuki Mishima then realizes on his own that using the fan site to gain popularity is not a good thing to do. Mishima keeps the website open so that people that really need help have others to support them.

While this week's episode of Persona 5: The Animation is kind of slow, it's great to know that this season will go longer than 24 episodes.

I was scared everything was going to be rushed towards the end, but it looks like they are taking their time and retelling the events of the game perfectly.

If you did not play the video game, it's worth sticking around to watch the anime in order to find out what happens next! The story is very unpredictable and it has a lot of plot twists.

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