Is 'Faces' The Best Mac Miller Mixtape So Far?: Likes Mac & Cheese Or French Montana Mixtape?

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Mac Miller continues his reign as one of musics most successful independent rapper and the "Faces" mixtape proves that as it has reached over 600,000 views and nearly 300,000 downloads on

Comparing "Faces" to Mac Millers first majorly successful mixtape "K.I.D.S." would be unfair in terms of downloads and views, as it completely shadows it with nearly 2.5 million views and almost one million downloads since its release in 2010. The subject matter has shifted quite a bit since the debut of the first mixtape but the production and overall sound has stayed consistent.

As the artist ages his perception changes, he no longer has to be concerned with coming up and making it.

The numbers in both however, show that his fans are enjoying his music and his 4.6 million followers on Twitter are continuously entertained by his tweets.

Earlier today he sent a quite confusing tweet which read, "Macaroni and Cheese will always be fire."

The confusion comes as some fans aren't sure whether or not Miller is referring to the food or the previous and upcoming mixtapes titled, "Mac and Cheese" with their respectable volume number.

"@MacMiller lol no knows ur talking about French Montanan's mix tape," replied one fan while others just agree with Miller as if he is speaking about the food.

If he is in fact talking bout the Montana mixtape it may be possible that Miller makes a feature in some way but fans will have to wait until November for that to be confirmed.