'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 9 Recap: Kailani & Sam

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Tonight was the ninth episode of season 6 of Catfish on MTV.

This episode starts with Nev and Max meeting a young woman named Kailani.

Kailani has met a guy named Sam online, and she has fallen in love; but Sam refuses to meet her.

Interestingly, Sam sent a picture of his junk to Kailani -- but he also sent the same picture to a guy named Melvin.

The Catfish team goes to visit Kailani at her house. We learn that she was actually married a few months ago.

In fact, she's 23 now, but she got married on her 23rd birthday. She found out that the guy she married was cheating with several different women, and he was even engaged to someone else.

So she divorced him, and at the same time became close with a guy named Sam, whom she met online. Sam would listen to her for hours while she cried about her circumstances. Yet he would never meet her.

Nev and Max immediately are confident that Sam is a Catfish. They call him directly, and he refuses to talk. He says he's angry that Kailani got in touch with Catfish.

Having reached a dead end, Nev and Max start digging. They find that Sam's photos are actually of a different guy named Dom. Sam seems to have copied nearly everything about Dom, including part of his username.

The crew also contacts another woman -- a friend of Sam's online -- who appears to have been catfished by Sam.

With Keilani, Nev and Max call Dom. He is surprised to find out that someone has been impersonating him.

But he says that at one point, he got a direct message on Instagram with saying that he needed to take a picture with a sign with a random person's name on it for some strange reason.

It turns out the name was Kailani's last name.

The crew leaves a voicemail for Sam, and they leave. The next morning, they get a call from Kailani, who says that she received a call from Sam.

He told her that he was on his way to her house. Kailani is anxious, and doesn't want to meet him alone.

Nev and Max race to Kailani's house, but Sam hasn't arrived. The crew waits, and eventually an Uber arrives.

A kid comes out, and he says his name is Sam. He's 19, and he's from Monterrey, CA.

He says he got made fun of a lot for his feminine features in high school, and he wanted to know if people would like him if he looked more masculine.

He claims he isn't gay, and he just sent the pics to Melvin to see what happened.

Sam claims that he truly loves Kailani, even though he was talking to other women.

The next morning, Sam wants to talk to Nev and Max alone. Sam admits that his birth name was Samantha -- he's trans, going through the process to turn into a man.

He hasn't come out to his parents or anyone else. He says he didn't tell Kailani because he was scared, and he created the profile online to see if he really wanted to be a guy.

He says that Kailani is the first person he's ever been in love with. The Catfish team takes Sam back to meet Kailani, and he tells her the whole story.

When Nev and Max talk to Kailani, they find out that she met another guy, and she hasn't talked to Sam. Sam, meanwhile is studying to be an EMT and has come out to some of his friends.

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