'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Season 3 Episode 1: Is Anfisa a Cam Girl or Not?

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The latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After is back which means most, if not all of our favorite couples are returning for more time in the spotlight to showcase their torrid relationships.

Wondering what happened? Read on to find out?!

Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro have been married for almost 2 years. Chantel tells Pedro that he doesn't understand how hard it is to live in America. Chantel admits to having seeded a lot of the discord between Pedro and her family, given the way she introduced him.

Chantel blames Pedro's family for messing up their wedding. Still, the actual ceremony went off without a hitch.

Now, Chantel's family is highly suspicious of Pedro and his family. Chantel works at a nursing home and goes to nursing school. Pedro works too but Chantel and he have a precarious financial situation.

Pedro continues to want to send money back to his family.

Chantel and Pedro find out that they will have to spend more than $1000 shipping a TV to his family and wind up pulling out of sending the TV because of the expense.

Chantel is in school, which serves as an additional financial stress. Pedro has to get on the phone to tell his family that he was unable to send the TV they've been hoping for since it cost so much to ship. Pedro's mother feels he owes her the TV. Chantel doesn't value her relationship with her mother-in-law. When Pedro's family start to talk behind Chantel's family's back, it's a double sting that Pedro doesn't defend Chantel or her family. 

Annie and David

Annie and David are still together and have to hawk er jewelry so they can support themselves financially. Annie feels that she loves and cares about David despite everything he's put her through. Annie and David are still in Louisville together. Chris has cut David off financially.

David wasn't prepared for this. He and Annie are still living in the firehouse that Chris had said he could stay in.

But now, Chris is sending David a lease so that he pays rent. Annie really wants to work and David can't find a job.

Nicole and Azan

Nicole is back in America and continuing to struggle being a single mom to May who is now 3. We relive Nicole's pain about having suffered a rejection on live TV at the season finale tell-all. Since then, thing have really turned around. Azan told Nicole he couldn't get through poor reception during the tell-all.

Nicole goes out with her friend Jessica and tells her that Azan has his visa interview coming up. Nicole is really excited.

Jessia is skeptical about the relationship since she knows Nicole was fighting with Azan a lot. Nicole trusts Azan since she's spent so much time with him.

Nicole gets up early in the morning for Azan's interview. Nicole's mom is worried but hopes that Azan makes a good faith effort to have a good relationship with Nicole. 

Nicole hasn't heard from Aan yet. and throughout the day, she realizes Azan isn't going to call her.

Nicole's mother takes her out for a walk to talk things over. Nicole tries calling Azan but can't get a hold of him.

Finally, Nicole talks to Azan and doesn't find out much since they get cut off at the worst moment. 

Molly and Luis

Molly still has a lot on her plate - what with parents Kensley and Olivia and running her lingerie store. Of course, Molly had gone ahead and legally married Luis before she kicked him out of the house. After spending few weeks apart, Molly asked Luis to return to living with her. Luis notes he returned because he loves Molly.

Molly admits things haven't been easy. Molly clarifies to Luis that she never expected him to be so un-empathic about being a father.

Luis notes that it's his first time being a father and didn't expect Molly's girls to be so wild.

Luis is trying to make more of an effort with the girls. Molly also lwants Luis to apologize to her daughters, which he does. Olivia voices her distrust of Luis since she doesn't see his apology as coming from the heart.

Kensley is quiet. Luis sees Molly's daughters as being disrespectful and doesn't want to stay if they can't respect him. Molly herself recognizes that Luis not getting along with her kids is a stressor.

Russ and Pao

Pao and Russ have been living in Miami for almost a year. Pao has been working as an actress and model and loving it! Russ and Pao continue to remain married and can we just say, Russ looks a tad dorkier. Russ feels Pao is a different person in Miami, especially when she's around Juan. Pao talks about how she feels more like herself since moving to Miami but has to call her aunt since apparently she had something to tell her.

Pao's grandmother is in poor health. Pao's aunt wants her to come back to Columbia to visit. Pao tells Russ that she needs to make a trip and Russ is supportive.

Pao and Russ start packing for Columbia. Pao's family is going to be upset about the fact that she hasn't been home in a while. Russ will have to be prepared for this and to see Juan. 

Jorge and Anfisa

They're baaaaaack. We get a preview of what's to come this season, learning that Jorge actually has an ex who claims he fathered her 10 year-old child. After a number of unnecessary glamour shots of Anfisa, we re-learn the beginning of Jorge's relationship with Anfisa.

Jorge admits to having perpetuated the delusion that he was a millionaire to Anfisa. Jorge notes that he and Anfisa have been separated for more than a month and he's been living in hotel rooms and his parent's house.

Jorge says what he wants now is revenge.

Meanwhile, Anfisa is busy working out with a hot trainer. Anfisa feel Jorge lied to her and didn't keep his promises. She was also upset about Jorge perpetuating the belief that she's a prostitute.

Anfisa got a new apartment.

She got her driver's license and has been keeping herself afloat by "working with some companies to promote their products." Anfisa plans to stay in the US no matter what and hopes to go to school.

Meanwhile, Jorge goes to see a lawyer and wants to file for divorce. He's told that the proximity of his separation from Anfisa could affect the validity of the green card. Jorge notes that if he's treated like a dog he's going to be mean himself.

It turns out that everything Jorge bought Anfisa could be counted as assets acquired during the marriage. Jorge's lawyers observe that he looks more relaxed now.

Jorge is meets up with his buddy Ramone to talk over everything he's been going through. Jorge says he implied Anfisa was a prostitute to get under her skin. But then he finds out that Ramone heard Anfisa was a cam-girl.

Jorge is insistent that everything posted about Anfisa is fake. Jorge regrets what he said about Anfisa. Ramone doesn't believe Jorge.