The Flash Season 4 Episode 11 Recap/Review: "The Elongated Knight Rises"

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The Flash season 4 has been pretty inconsistent in terms of finding a set tone.

Some episodes are serious, while others have campy comedy that should have stayed in the early '90s. "The Elongated Knight Rises" is the latter as it tries too hard to mimic the pre-Nolan Batman movies a bit too much.

Before I talk about the adventures of Ralph Dibny, the only serious parts of the episode are the scenes involving Barry Allen in prison.

Even though the show is called 'The Flash', its title character never really appeared as his alter ego.

Instead, Barry Allen is finding life in prison to be boring and hard. Some of the other inmates are giving Barry a hard time, although there is one huge inmate that seems to have taking a liking to Barry.

This person is none other than Bill Goldberg from WCW/WWE. The professional wrestler plays an inmate by the name of 'Big Sir' and he saves Barry's life after Barry gets attacked by a couple of goons.

I'm a bit disappointed Goldberg didn't have a bigger part, although I'm hoping he gets the chance to appear in more episodes. Big Sir is like a gentle giant much like Goldberg is in real life.

Anyway, Big Sir saves Barry mainly because Barry's father Henry saved his own life when he was in prison. Henry Allen knew Big Sir was about to burst his appendix so he helped him out.

While Barry walks away, the goons now start to attack Big Sir. Barry hears the fighting and he uses his powers (just for a tiny bit) to return the favor to Big Sir and save his life.

Luckily, Barry used his powers so fast that the goons did not know what happened. That's pretty much all that Barry did this entire episode because the main star was Ralph Dibny today.

As I mentioned before, the story involving Barry Allen was the right and usual tone for The Flash series.

The Ralph Dibny stuff is kind of too campy for my taste and isn't really the type of tone I like from the series.

Anyway, Ralph Dibny has to save the city while Barry is in prison because The Tricker's son Axel Walker breaks out of prison with the help of his own mom named Zoey Clark.

The pair create some new kind of acid and want to terrorize the city.

Ralph Dibny at first is cocky with his powers thinking that he is untouchable.

That is until he gets sprayed with the pink acid on his knee and nearly dies. Cisco has to save his butt in the nick of time.

After that incident, Dibny becomes a coward and does not want to be a hero anymore.

He even breaks into prison to convince Barry to help, but Barry says he just has to find the courage to be a true hero.

With Dibny absent, Killer Frost and Cisco have to save the day. However, Axel Walker and his Mom handcuff Killer Frost and Cisco negating their powers.

Just when it seemed like nobody was going to save the day, Dibny returns after Barry's lecture and decides to be a true hero. He easily disposes of Axel Walker by kicking him down.

Zoey then uses a lever that is going to kill Cisco and Caitlin with acid. Dibny is brave enough to cover the pair and he thinks he's going to die from the falling acid.

Luckily Harrison Wells changed the composition of the acid so it becomes harmless.

If it wasn't for Wells, all three of them would have been dead! The evil criminals are then transported to prison to be locked up for their crimes.

Although I admire the fact that the other characters had a time in the limelight, the tone and atmosphere of the episode was too goofy in my opinion.

I don't mind Elongated Man, but I don't really want to watch him for the rest of the season if Barry does not get out of prison soon.

Anyway, today's episode wasn't really necessary if you wanted to know more about the main storyline. The Thinker and his wife were not in this episode and nothing really important happened.

Let's hope the rest of the season is more focused on the main plot because too much campiness is not a good thing. It's okay to be humorous sometimes, but not in every episode each week.

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