'90 Day Fiance': Is Jorge Hiding Even More on His Financial Situation?

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On this Sunday's premiere of "90 Day Fiance," a number of shocking twists to everyone's relationships were revealed.

As an example, Danielle reports that she's been dating someone new for the past 6 months and has moved on long ago from her relationship with Mohamed.

Yet another twist, however, was on Jorge's relationship to Anfisa.

Jorge finally made a shocking admission to Anfisa: Not only is he not a millionaire, but he's in debt and may even have bad credit.

Interestingly, however, Jorge told Anfisa that he used to be rich but has since lost quite a bit of money because he's spent it on her and has been slacking while spending time with her.

But is this really true? Did Jorge ever really have any money? We investigate the matter below.

According to the Squander, in the last season of "90 Day Fiance," when we first met Jorge, he said that he had already spent $75,000 on Anfisa. Additionally, Jorge had looked into buying a wedding dress that cost $45,000 and accessories that cost $10,000.

However, if you watch closely, you see that Jorge never actually purchases any items for Anfisa and just looks into buying things.

It's also unclear if the expensive Audi that Jorge was seen driving around in, in the last season of "90 Day Fiance," was anything more than a rental.

Not to mention, according to our prior estimates, Jorge's apartment cost him at most $3000/month and the hotel Jorge stayed at on the show costs at most approximately $200/night. Not exactly the Ritz-Carlton.

No surprise then, that when Anfisa insisted on touring a home that cost up to $8,000 per month in rent, Jorge nearly lost his cool and refused to even bother looking at similarly priced places.

So how much money has Jorge actually lost? We suspect that Jorge never really started out with much money to begin with and lied to Anfisa for the entirety of their relationship.

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