Do You Want To Be A Howard Stern Intern?

Some of the most well-known "Howard Stern Show" staffers got their start as interns or the program.

JD Harmeyer, Will Murray, and Jason Kaplan all major players behind the scenes on the show who are well-known to Stern fans all got their starts as interns.

Now, the show is looking for its next crop of interns and possibly the next person who goes from unpaid grant, to semi-famous radio personality.

Not everyone can be an intern. There are some rules you should consider before thinking about putting an application together. The website lays out the biggest requirement.

Qualified candidates must be able to receive college credit for their internships.

That means that just going to college isn't enough, your school needs to let you intern for credit.

Stern interns do everything from logging the show, to answering phones, getting coffee, and sometimes they appear on air. A number of former interns have gotten serious airtime, usually by creating an idea that Stern likes.

The show is looking for interns for its upcoming Winter 2015 Semester starting in January. If your interested in the program, apply here.