'Little People, Big World' Season 11 Episode 8: Life is About to Change

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Tonight was episode 8 of Little People, Big World, where a certain Roloff is about to make a big announcement. Hint, hint, it's Zack.

The episode kicks off of with Matt discussing with Jeremy his plans to built out a set of homes on the farm for Jeremy and Audrey to live.

Jeremy points out that Matt's plans need to be cleared by Amy. Matt is a little surprised that Jeremy isn't more excited about the plans that he's sketching out.

Amy gets together with her friend Lisa to bring her up to date with her life.

Amy tells Lisa about her date with Chris which helps Amy to realize that she's got a lot more to offer than she previously thought. She's excited about going out on another date with Chris too.

Zack and Tori discuss their days when they get home from work. Both think the other will be great parents and discuss their future plans around having a family. Hmmm, the suspense is building.

Next, Matt and Amy have a chance to discuss Matt's plans for the farm. Amy is suspicious that Matt wants to kick her out of the big house for his own gain.

Amy talks about how she looks at the farm differently than she used to before she got divorced. She feels really skeptical about Matt's plans for a "compound," on the farm.

Jeremy and Zack get together to discuss Jeremy's view of Matt's plans. Jeremy doesn't feel ready to return to the farm yet. Zack notes that he and Tori feel happy where they are.

Meanwhile, Amy gets ready for her second date with Chris.

Before she gets ready to go out, Amy wants to check in with Matt to verify what the camera that he's set up around the farm can actually capture. She wants to have her privacy.

Zack and Matt have a chance to connect about changes that Zack envisions for the farm. Matt is proud of Zack for helping him out and around the farm so much. Zack has really stepped up.

Amy feels nervous as she gets ready for her date. Amy holds hands with Chris as they walk to their dinner out. Amy feels the conversation flows easily and really enjoys herself.

In the final scene of the show, Tori plans a special way of telling Zack that she's pregnant. Zach is excited to hear that he's going to have a son.

Tori wants to tell their parents next and decides to set up a decoy party in which everyone opens up presents.

But the presents turn out to be baby clothes that clue everyone in on the fact that they're going to be grandparents.

Now more than ever Matt wants to build the compound out on the farm.

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