Arrow's Deadshot Hopes To Return To Take Diggle Down Darker Path

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Arrow is close to wrapping up its fifth season and it sounds like the finale is going to be a homecoming for a number of fan favorite characters in the series.

One character that is not slated to return is the deceased Deadshot, but Michael Rowe who has portrayed Floyd Lawton, aka Deadshot, in the past would like to see a return in the future for a very specific reason.

According to, Rowe was a guest at Planet Comiccon Kansas City this past weekend and was part of a panel discussion.

During this panel, Rowe revealed that he would like to return to Arrow in the future to "draw Diggle down a darker path."

He later said he believed that both Lawton and Diggle have shared very similar stories, especially in relation to the death of his brother Andy at Diggle's own hands last season.

Rowe said that while he has no direct conflict with Oliver Queen himself or the Green Arrow right now, putting Diggle down the wrong path could lead to a conflict.

While it would be great to see Rowe return in the role of Deadshot, he was killed off back during season three supposedly due to the character's upcoming role in Suicide Squad, with producer Marc Guggenheim saying the character was currently "off the table." It definitely seems that DC has become more lax with such things by letting Lawton show up in The Flash's trip to Earth 2 last season, as well as a hallucination on Arrow earlier this season.

A bigger sign of this becoming more of a possibility is the upcoming reappearance of Deathstroke in the Arrow season five finale, along with set pictures showing another character's return we didn't think would be possible due to movie restrictions.

If Lawton and Deadshot are truly back on the table again, it wouldn't be the first time to see a character revived somehow.

With Diggle's recent issues with ARGUS and his wife Lyla, perhaps that could lead to more hallucinations with Lawton as well.

While it sounds like Rowe won't be back this season, it wouldn't surprise me if we saw him at some point in season six.

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