I am Jazz Season 3: Predictions and Expectations

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The last season of "I am Jazz" brought a number of controversies and conflicts. We saw Jazz being bullied by people in her community, who frighteningly, managed to track down her phone number and leave messages at her home.

In addition, Jazz talked candidly about undergoing a depressive episode, which was not only the result of the psychological stressors she'd been experiencing, but also the hormonal therapy that she was receiving.

Conflict within the Jennings family was also captured, as we saw the twins articulating the problems they had getting attention from their mom when Jazz always needed so much of their mom's time.

So what's in store for the next season? We've got the scoop for you.

One of the major storylines for this season of "I am Jazz" is expected to be Jazz's decision over bottom surgery. Previews show Jazz pondering the decision and grappling with the fact that the surgery will be permanent.

Does this mean Jazz has already undergone top surgery? It's not clear, but what we do see in the previews to the show is that it's not clear if Jazz can have bottom surgery since some doctors are telling her it's feasible, while others have indicated it may not be possible.

Meanwhile, Jazz has certainly stayed busy! With her release of the first transgender doll, made in her likeness, Jazz's entrepreneurial spirit is clearly going strong.

To promote the premiere of her TLC show, "I am Jazz," Jazz also appeared on E!News and Larry King and even made a film with her brothers about suicide and bullying.

So what are our predictions for the next season of "I am Jazz"? Now that Jazz is in her last year, it's clear that the topic of college is going to be a major storyline.

And of course, with the transition to her leaving the home and gaining more independence, we suspect that the issue of Jazz's sexuality and dating is going to be a major source of discussion in her household.

Stay tuned for our reviews of the upcoming premiere!

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