Supergirl Season 3 Episode 7 Review/Recap: Wake Up

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Supergirl didn't have much story advancement last week since it took place in the past.

This week, the main story starts to be set in motion and a familiar face returns much to the shock of Supergirl and her friends. Things are changing a lot.

A big portion of the episode is dedicated to Samantha. She knows she's not fully "human" and wants to seek answers.

She goes to the house of her adopted mother and finds out who she really is. Samantha (much like Kara and Clark) was found in a space pod when she was younger.

Samantha's adopted mother tells her everything she knows and Samantha goes out to see who she really is. More on Samantha will be talked about later in this review.

As for Kara/Supergirl, her world is about to be turned upside down.

For the past few episodes, she has been depressed after her boyfriend Mon El had to leave Earth. Well in today's episode, Mon El comes back to Earth, but he isn't what he used to be.

It's still the same Mon El we saw in Season 2, but he seems to be hiding a few things.

The last time the audience saw him was when he was sucked inside of a wormhole. Supergirl and the team manage to find Mon El in an alien spaceship hidden far underground.

At first, Mon El seems friendly but he has other agendas in mind.

I'm actually glad that Mon El is back because I was fearing that the show writers forgot about him. Thankfully in this episode, we somewhat get told what he has been up to.

Mon El snoops around the DEO but gets caught by Supergirl.

He is then chucked inside of a jail cell, but he won't tell Supergirl all that she wants to hear. Supergirl even says she gets nightmares all of the time fearing of his death.

Mon El instead buddies up with Winn since he wants to save some of the other passengers on the ship they found.

It isn't until Winn helps Mon El do we get to know what happened to him in the past 7 months.

Mon El says on Earth it's only been 7 months, but for him 7 long years have passed.

This is all thanks to time dilation. Anyway, Mon El knows of Earth's future and he says he's immune to the Daxamite poison which is why he was able to come back.

Mon El seems very concerned over an attractive female passenger that was with him.

We find out that the female passenger is none other than his wife! Her name is Imra Ardeen and she is from Titan which is a moon from Saturn.

Sadly, we don't get to know much more about Imra or Mon El in this episode. It must be hard for Kara to see Mon El in love with someone else though! He's moved on so Kara should too.

The only side story this week is J'onn J'onzz bonding with his father.

His father had been imprisoned for 300 long years but now he is finally free and able to drink coffee. However, he doesn't think Earth is a good fit for him.

The end of the episode are where things get interesting.

Samantha finds out more about her past on an alien base similar to the Fortress of Solitude. She was actually created to be a type of destroyer and will soon adopt the new name of Reign!

The only thing I didn't like about Samantha's turn to the dark side is that it wasn't a specific event that changed her.

It seems as if she is being mind controlled. I would have preferred if she became a villain by her own actions and/or decisions

I liked this week's episode of Supergirl mainly because the drama took a backseat in favor of proper story and character development.

That said, this week's episode lacked any type of interesting action. That is to be expected since the expensive crossover event is next week...

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